Selected publications


We strive to deepen our understanding in these four areas: service market creation, service network orchestration, service branding and service modularity. Below are some of our selected publications.


  • Törmälä, M. & Saraniemi, S. (2017). The Roles of Business Partners in Corporate Brand Image Co-Creation. Forthcoming in Journal of Product and Brand Management. Special issue on Corporate Brands,
  • Anees-Ur-Rehman, M., Saraniemi, S., Ulkuniemi, P. & Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, P. (2017). The strategic hybrid orientation and brand performance of B2B SMEs. Forthcoming in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development,


  • Oikarinen, E-L & Saraniemi, S. (2016). Categorizing humorous employer brand message in a small company's online job ads. Corporate Reputation Review 19 (3), 198-218,


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  • Ulkuniemi, P., Araujo, L. & Tähtinen, J. (2015), Purchasing as market-shaping: The case of component-based software engineering, Industrial Marketing Management, 44, 54–62


  • Javier Marcos Cuevas, Satu Nätti and Teea Palo (2014) Implementing key account management: Intraorganizational practices and associated dilemmas. Forthcoming special issue on key account management in Industrial Marketing Management.
  • Satu Nätti, Suvi Rahkolin and Saila Saraniemi (2014): Crisis communication in key account relationships. Forthcoming issue of Corporate Communications – An International Journal.
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Last updated: 1.8.2017