SHARP research projects aim at achieving important breakthroughs in research in chosen areas. By combining different fields of research, e.g. business marketing, branding, service management and knowledge management the project will provide holistic understanding of service business relationships. Having a cross-disciplinary approach, the project will have the potential to discover whole new theoretical openings in the area of the research.

With our young, competent and motivated research group, and close international research cooperation relationships, we expect to be able to reach internationally acknowledged research and reach scientific discoveries as well as make real managerial contribution. The research will have scientific influence on service business research society in Finland (Finnish Service Alliance), and worldwide.

The research conducted in SHARP research group will provide societal impact by providing new ways of thinking, developing and managing service businesses relationships. We aim to discover e.g. new intangible ways of value creation, innovative solutions, and ways to shape the markets.

We strive towards understanding and the journey to understanding complex matters often begins with a simple question, so is the case in our research.

Last updated: 4.2.2014