24.-25.6.2015 Nanoparticles and health workshop

Keskiviikko, kesäkuu 24, 2015 - Torstai, kesäkuu 25, 2015

University of Oulu organizes in collaboration with University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio) a two-day workshop with the title Nanoparticles and Health in Oulu, Finland on 24th-25th June 2015.

The purpose of the workshop is to highlight different aspects of nanomaterial and nanoparticle research and interaction with biological matter. The intention is to bring together university research and industry to inspire new solutions to problems and find common interests.

Doctoral students are also welcome to attend the workshop with possibility to gain 3 ECTs (see the student invitation below). In order to get the ECTs a student should write a two-part report; in the first part the student should present an overview of the topics in the workshop and in the second part the student should describe freely chosen topic in more details. Alternatively, the student may compensate the second part of the report by giving a short oral presentation at the workshop about his or hers research work. The workshop will be an excellent opportunity for the students to learn the state of the art and to get new contacts as the students are encouraged to discuss with the stake holders present at the workshop.

The invited speakers, researchers and stake holders, will cover topics regarding nanoparticle emissions, means for particle monitoring, characterization and control, and the effects on cells and general health of humans by particles.

The topics of the two-day workshop are as follows:
1. Health and diagnostics: In this session the focus is on diagnostics and health effects of nanoparticles.
2. Detection of nanoparticles: Talks of the session cover different solutions for particle detection and analysis.
3. Production and controlling of nanoparticles: Talks of the session concern deliberate nanoparticle production, but also finds solutions to undesirable nanoparticles formed as side products.
4. Applications of nanoparticles: The floor is given to companies utilizing nanomaterials.

Workshop participation is free of charge including lunch and coffee on both days. Main organizers are the Microelectronics and Materials Physics Laboratories from the University of Oulu and the Department of Environmental Sciences from the University of Eastern Finland.

There are 10 doctoral student positions at the workshop. Please, register for the workshop by 5th June 2015 to Liisa Kangasharju (kangasha(at)ee.oulu.fi). Additional information will be given by Niina Halonen, nhalo(at)ee.oulu.fi, mobile +358 50 350 2218 or by Anita Lloyd Spetz, spetz(at)ifm.liu.se, mobile +46 705 176788. If you want to get the ECTs by giving the talk, please contact Niina or Anita.

With the kind regards from the organizers,
Professor Anita Lloyd Spetz, University of Oulu
Professor Pertti Pasanen, University of Eastern FinlandI
Professor Krisztian Kordas, University of Oulu
Head of department, Professor Heli Jantunen, University of Oulu
Dr Niina Halonen, University of Oulu


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