15.-16.6.2016 Workshop - Advanced Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability

Keskiviikko, kesäkuu 15, 2016 - Torstai, kesäkuu 16, 2016

This workshop brings together university researchers, doctoral students and industry for networking and to share the latest research knowledge to be applied in a multidisciplinary way. In this workshop EIT Raw Materials highlights the future possibilities for KIC activities. Two (2) ETCS are available for those who finalize their learning portfolios.

The invited speakers will cover topics regarding advanced materials for sustainability and novel sensors and smart packages for environmental and health monitoring. Full program is atteached below.

The workshop comprises of four sessions:
1. Advanced materials and systems for the support of sustainability
2. Advanced materials for sensors and packaging
3. Monitoring of health effects
4. Environmental monitoring

Organizer: University of Oulu: Infotech and Advanced Materials Doctoral Programmes
Financier: EIT Raw Materials, Baltic Sea CLC
Location: Ravintola Nallikari, Oulu
Date: 15th -16th June 2016
Registration: Please contact Niina Halonen by e-mail: nhalo@ee.oulu.fi. The 29 positions will be fulfilled in order of received registration e-mails. Participation is free of charge. Deadline for the registration is 3rd June 2016.


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