Smart Community Greenhouse

What is it about?

  • A smart greenhouse is designed to serve cleantech business and R&D actions in Oulu region
  • Cleantech products that are used and developed in the greenhouse are chosen from the companies in cooperation
  • Farming community is searched for the greenhouse: they grow vegetables and give feedback to the companies on ecoinnovations built in the greenhouse
  • A suitable business model is developed
  • In the following project a smart greenhouse will be built
  • All in all, wellbeing, ecology and carbon footprint of Nordic living is improved

Eco-innovation portfolio for the energy, water treatment, material and farming solutions as well as for the automation and control system in the greenhouse is composed. Cooperative network of cleantech companies is formed.

Business incubator for green business is launched: companies act in cooperation to develop new products and services for global cleantech markets. The greenhouse itself can become a commercial product.

A pilot of the smart greenhouse is designed and built: it combines eco-innovations to urban architecture and works as a showroom for cleantech companies. It also serves as green living room for the citizens in arctic regions.

A farming community is searched to cultivate and take part in the product development of the cleantech/automation companies. The community can consist of private, communal and commercial farmers.

The cleantech/automation companies are activated to monitor and develop their products according to user feedback and research data. Farming community is activated to help companies by providing the user feedback.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 10.12.2014