Vision for the future

The vision of SME-MET Oulu was to create a value chain spanning over several companies. We wanted to create value chains that potentially reaps benefits for companies that are involved in it. These value chains allow SMEs to specialize more efficiently than before which means there are new markets to be explored. A whole new line of products and services were made possible by this new transparent cooperation of talent and knowledge. Additionally, it allows room for new solutions to emerge to the use of the industry. A goal of this project was also to conduct research and create preliminary reports based on the interests of local companies.

To actualize this vision, we had three objectives to fulfill with the use of pre-determined tasks presented in the picture below.

Current way of performing R&D needs to be enhanced. This can be done using shared goals and clear roles in the industry. Funding models for research projects are changing and requiring more participation from SMEs. This is a possibility for new entrepreneurs and current SMEs in Oulu.

Last updated: 30.7.2014