The industry is under strong structural change. In recent years, this trend has also affected in Oulu - many people have become unemployed after a big structural change in ICT sector. In Oulu, the situation is nevertheless turned into a positive factor, and a number of ICT experts have found a place in newborn new companies or set up their own businesses. In recent years, nearly 200 new companies has been established in Oulu: Yritystakomo has contributed to the fact that during three years more than 70 new companies and Nokia Bridge - based companies are already over 100. At the moment most jobs are created in less than 100 employees small and medium size companies.To stimulate entreprenurship with mecanisms and culture also innovation capabilities and selling skills of SMEs are needed to be increased. Contribute to SMEs knowledge sharpens the funding. To this challenge, the University of Oulu and Oulu Innovation Alliance want to answer with SME operational mode. It is important to apply for the major structural changes to the new entrepreneurial opportunities. The next big wave of socio-economic / economic cycle (the 6th) is predicted to be the environmental awareness (related to the material and energy efficiency and renewable bioeconomy) and possibly changes in health care that emphasizes. For both of these Oulu-based know-how has a lot to offer.