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Yleistietoja tietokoneavusteiseen laadulliseen tutkimukseen tarkoitetuista ohjelmista

Biblioscape ... "is designed to help researchers collect and manage bibliographic data, take notes while doing research, and generate citations and bibliographies for publication.”

The CAQDAS PAGE on the World Wide Web (University of Surrey)

COMPASSS Research Group, COMParative methods for the Advancement of Systematic cross-case analysis and Small-N Studies, International

CSAC Ethnographic Gallery (Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent, Canterbury), resource site
QUALIDATA, ESRC Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre (Essexin yliopisto)

QualPage, Albertan yliopisto

Text Analysis Info Page by Harald Klein - suosittelen, sillä tällä sivulla on esittelyjä eri

Social Science Consulting, Königseer Str. 9, 98708 Gehren, Germany

Software im sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschungsprozess (Social Science Software)

Katso myös Tuomo Aallon sivut.


Seuraava lista on vuosikymmenten kuluessa koottu alla mainituista lähteistä parin vuosikymmenen aikana.

Antconc (freeware), a concordance program for Windows, Mac and Linux developed by AntLab.

ANTHROPAC (free) by Analytic Technologies " is a menu-driven DOS program for collecting and analyzing data on cultural domains. The program helps collect and analyze structured qualitative and quantitative data including freelists, pilesorts, triads, paired comparisons, and ratings. - Analytic Technologies is a small publishing company specializing in analytic software for academics. The company is run by Steve Borgatti and Roberta Chase Borgatti."

AnSWR - Analysis Software for Word-based Records. - AnSWR is a software system for coordinating and conducting large-scale, team-based analysis projects that integrate qualitative and quantitative techniques.

askSam, askSAM SystemsBR P.O. Box 1428, Perry, FL 32347, USA

ASRR. Developed by PhD Candidate HUANG Ronggui, Wincent, Department of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong. "Miscellaneous R functions for quantitative sociological research. Most interesting ones are functions for QCA (e.g. csQCA, mvQCA, fsQCA). As far as I know, this is the first software supporting all three kinds of QCA."

AutoMap for data mining an doing Semantic and Dynamic Network analyses in Windows 32- and 64-bit, Linux and Unix environments developed by CASOS at Carnegie Mellon. Free for academic use only.

AXIIS [1.00 beta]. ”Axiis is an open source data visualization framework designed for beginner and expert developers alike.”

Biblioscape 9 - used "to organize literature references, research notes, automatically generate citations and bibliographies automatically, search and capture bibliographic data on the Internet, and post bibliographic databases live on the web".

CAT etc. (free; Coding Analysis Toolkit; Open Source, freeware). Hosted by the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) at the University of Pittsburgh.

CDC EZ-Text Ilmaisohjelma laadullisten aineistojen kirjoittamiseen ja koodaukseen. Conwall Incorporated for the Centers for Disease Control and Preventation

Citavi for ”searching resources worldwide, analyzing and organizing content, saving quotations and thoughts, planning tasks ­– in team, too!, structuring your work and completing a presentation, report, article or book” (some versions also free)

CLAN (Children’s Language Analyser; Freeware); Author: Brian Mac Whinney.

CoAn für Windows.  “ … ein deutschsprachiges Inhaltsanalyseprogramm für in erster Linie quantitative Fragestellungen.” Von Dipl.-Psych Matthias Romppel.

colwiz "is a software start-up that has grown out of the University of Oxford. ... Our goal is to accelerate research by providing a robust reference manager with data sharing and collaboration capabilities."

Concordance. Software for textual analysis gives you better insight into electronic texts. Author: R. J. C. Watt DCA Program by Seppo Kontiainen, Department of Education, University of Helsinki. A program for dynamic concept analysis.

Decision Explorer (PC/Win) Käsitekartastojen laatimiseen analyysiin (Cognitive Mapping) Banxia Software Ltd.

dedoose … is a Web 2.0 application designed by Drs Thomas Weisner and Eli Lieber (UCLA) for mixed method research.

DIMAP (Dictionary Maintenance Program).A dictionary development software with a content analysis component.

Discover Text

Diver, Digital Interactive Video Exploration & Reflection Tool. Developed by Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning (SCIL), Univeristy of Stanford.

DRS – Digital Replay System. Citation (from NCeSS WWW-page; read 4.9.2008): Like other CAQDAS tools DRS enables the synchronization, replay, and analysis of audio and video recordings. Distinctively, DRS also enables these conventional forms of recording to be combined with ‘system logs’, which record interaction within computational environments or are the product of using computational techniques to analyse data. Authors & contributors: Chris Greenhalgh, Mike Fraser, Andrew French, Jan Humble, Stuart Reeves and Paul Tennent. DRS is Copyright (c) the University of Nottingham, 2007, and freely available under the BSD Open Source license.

ELAN is a professional tool for the creation of complex annotations on video and audio resources (freeware).

EndNote A bibliographic data base manager or citation manager. ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA

ETHNO. Tapahtumarakenneanalyysiin suunniteltu ohjelma on-line Java-ohjelma. Prof. David Heise, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, USA.

Ethnograph (Win). Qualis Research Associates, Amherst, MA, USA

General Inquirer – " ... a computer-assisted approach for content analyses of textual data.”

GPL (freeware) by researcher team from Uruguay (Universidad de la República) and Spain (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Asennustiedosto Windowsiin.

Hamlet. Developed by Dr Alan Brier (Southampton) and distributed by International Decisions System. Ohjelma kvantitatiiviseen sisällönanalyysiin.

HyperQual3 version 1.0 (Mac) by Raymond V. Padilla, 3327 N. Dakota, Chandler, AZ 85224, USA BR Hinta: $180

HyperRESEARCH 2.8 & HyperTranscribe 1.5 ResearchWare Inc, Randolph, MA, USA

Idea Notes (freeware; ideointiin ja ideoiden hallintaan)

The InfoRapid Cardfile System ("an electronic database system with which you can manage text and image documents")

Inspiration etc. (Mac, Windows). Miellekarttojen laatimiseen ja ideointiin. Inspiration Software, Inc., Portland OR, USA

Kwalitan Vincent Peters, Kwalitan Advies, Malden, The Netherlands


LifeMapping® "The program involves the elicitation of life experiences in a narrative format for personal analysis." Developed by professor Michael Kompf (Brock University, Ontario, Canada).

MacSHAPA (Macintosh). By prof. Penelope Sanderson, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ohjelma videotiedostojen analyysiin.

MCCA ja MCCALite. Supports quantitative (automatic) content analysis. By Ken Litkowski (CL Research) and Don McTavish (University of Minnesota)

MindMapper. Miellekarttojen laatimiseen

MotionView – “Video motion analysis software and swing analysis software for Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Soccer, Baseball... All Sports!”

MUVIS - “is a framework for management (indexing, browsing, querying, summarisation, etc.) of the multimedia collections such as audio/video clips and still images.”

The Observer 5 and XT (Windows). Ohjelma digitoitujen videonauhojen analyysiin. By Noldus Information Technology.

Odin Text by Anderson Analytics

PolyAnalyst: software for data mining

ProCite for Windows, ISI ResearchSoft, Berkeley, CA. Ohjelma on tarkoitettu viitteiden etsimiseen internetistä, viitteiden hallintaan, bibliografioiden laatimiseen ja viitetietojen jakamiseen internetissä.

QCA ja fs/QCA totuustaulujen analyysiin kvalitatiivisessa vertailevassa (Boolen) analyysissa.

QCAmap (a software for Qualitative Content Analysis) is an open access web application for systematic text analysis in scientific projects based on the techniques of qualitative content analysis. Developed by prof. Dr. Philipp Mayring and Dr. Thomas Fenzl.

QDA Miner - A Mixed Method Solution for Qualitative Analysis (Provalis Research)

Qualifiers by Thomas W. Speitel (University of Hawaii) for Macintosh G4 computer using OS 10.2 or higher and a screen of at least 1024 x 768 pixels and a minimum of 256 megabytes of RAM. It is "a tool for anyone, professional or student, who must assemble, analyze, evaluate, and organize research data".

Qualrus - The Intelligent Qualitative Analysis Program, Idea Works, Inc.

Quirkos - "Quirkos is a software package that helps people sort, manage and understand large amounts of text."

RefWorks - web-based database and bibliography creator. Oulun yliopiston henkilö- ja opiskelijakunta saa sen käyttöönsä kirjaston sivuilta.

REVELATION – Online Qualitative Research: “Revelation online qualitative research software uses today's connected Web 2.0 culture to help your market research project capture reality.”

RQDA 0.1-7: R-based Qualitative Data Analysis. Developed by PhD Candidate HUANG Ronggui, Wincent, Department of Public and Social Administration, City University of Hong Kong. According to the presentation RQDA is “a package for Qualitative Data Analysis built upon R, a free qualitative analysis software application.” R for Windows on ladattavissa tästä osoitteesta.

SALT. Systematic Analysis of Language Transcript Language Analysis Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jon F. Miller & Robin S. Chapman

SimStat (Simulation & Statistical program)

SIL Fieldworks (freeware)

SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) for cognitive mapping and for the analysis of neural networks: there's a program called. It's developed by academician and professor (emeritus) Teuvo Kohonen in The Laboratory of Computer and Information Science (CIS) of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology. More information on Self-Organizing Maps in the book by Teuvo Kohonen.

Sonar Professional (Mac, Windows; free). Virginia Systems, Inc.739-3200

TABARI (former KEDS; the Linux and Macintosh operating systems; a somewhat less elegant version works with Windows). Kansas Event Data System for Macintosh. For coding of event data. Developed by Philip Schrodt.

TAMS Analyzer for Macintosh OS X by Matthew Weinstein, University of Kent. Environment: an open source  qualitative analysis and support package.

TEXIS ... “is the only fully integrated SQL RDBMS that intelligently queries and manages databases containing natural language text, standard data types, geographic information, images, video, audio, and other payload data”.

TextAnalyst: software for text mining.

TextGrab (a tool for the content analysis of web sites by Harald Klein)

TextQuest 4.2 (earlier INTEXT - auch in Deutsch) by Harald Klein (for Windows XP+ and MacOS 10.4+)

Tosmana - A Tool for Small-N Analysis written by Lasse Cronqvist, Institute for Political Science, University of Marburg (Germany).

Transana ...  a tool for the transcription and qualitative analysis of audio and video data. Suomenkielinen, Miia Collanuksen kirjoittama Transana-opas löytyy Helsingin yliopiston käyttäytymistieteellisen tiedekunnan sivuilta.

Tropes Freeware (at the moment) for Windows by Semantic-Knowledge created by ACETIC, CYBERLEX and private investors. “Designed for Information Science, Market Research, Sociological Analysis and Scientific studies.”

VBPro (Dos, but works in the Windows environment). Ilmaisohjelma kvantitatiiviseen sisällönanalyysiin. Developed by M. Mark Miller.

WEFT QDA A free qualitative analysis software application. Developed by Alex Fenton

VisiMap. Miellekarttojen laatimiseen

WORDij, Semantic Network Tool, for automating content analysis (free for academic/research use). The software is developed by James A. Danowski and runs on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac 32-bit and 64-bit, and Linux 74-bit OS.

WordStat. A module of the stattistics program SIMSTAT by Provalis Research


Alexa, Melina and Zuell, Cornelia. 1999. A Review of Software for Text Analysis. ZUMA Nachrichten, Spezial Band 5. GESIS/ZUMA, Mannheim.

Miles, Matthew B. &Weitzman, Eben A.: Choosing Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis. (Appendix). Teoksessa: Miles, M.B., amp; Huberman, A.M.: Qualitative data analysis: an expanded sourcebook. Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA 1994.

Weitzman, Eben A. and Miles, Matthew B.: Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis. A Software Sourcebook. SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks-London-New Delhi 1995.

qual-software -keskustelulista, The CAQDAS networking project, University of Surrey

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