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1.2.2021 News

Auroral Currents are Stronger in the Northern Hemisphere

Auroral current systems in the high-latitude ionosphere are concentrated to the auroral ovals that circle Earth’s magnetic poles.

11.12.2020 News

Ionospheric and telluric currents are equally important causes of geomagnetic variations

Fast changes of the magnetic field seen at the ground surface are primarily caused by ionospheric currents related to aurora, but secondary induced currents flowing in the electrically conductive ground and oceans play a role too. That role has now been found to be larger than previously believed.

7.2.2019 News

The first Finnish EISCAT_3D user meeting at University of Oulu

The 1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting aims to inform the broad space physics, atmospheric and radio science community on the current status and the future plans concer

7.2.2019 News

Swarm satellite and EISCAT radar find fast flows of plasma

A recent study shows that ionospheric plasma can have very high velocities within a narrow channel in the high-latitude ionosphere.