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I Cartilage TE

Chapter 1: The Influence of Mechanical Stimuli on Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering
C. Lee, S. Grad, M. Wimmer and M. Alini
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II Bone TE

Chapter 2: Enhancement of Mechanical Signals for Tissue Engineering Bone
Y. Yang and A. El Haj
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Chapter 3: Adipose Tissue Induction in a Well-Defined In Vivo Microenvironment
F. Stillaert, P. Blondeel, M. Hamdi, K. Abberton, R. Thompson and W. Morrison
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IV Skin TE

Chapter 4: Adult Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Feeder Cells for Human Keratinocytes: New Approaches in Bilayer Skin Replacement
M. Markowicz, E. Koellensperger, S. Neuss, and N. Pallua
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V Biomaterials

Chapter 5: Bioactivated Polymer Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
F. Ungaro, M. Biondi, L. Indolfi, G. De Rosa, M. I. La Rotonda, F. Quaglia and P. Netti
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VI Angiogenesis & Vascularisation

Chapter 6: Enhancing the Vascularization of Three-Dimensional Scaffolds: New Strategies in Tissue Regeneration and Tissue Engineering
M. Markowicz, E. Koellensperger, S. Neuss, G.C.M. Steffens and N. Pallua
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VII Bioreactors

Chapter 7: Design of Bioreactors for Cardiovascular Applications
E. Lyons and A. Pandit
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Chapter 8: Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering

S.A. Korossis, F. Bolland, J.N. Kearney, J. Fisher and E. Ingham
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Chapter 9: Micro Fluid Dynamics in Three Dimensional Engineered Cell Systems in Bioreactors
M.T. Raimondi, F. Boschetti, F. Migliavacca, M. Cioffi and G. Dubini
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VIII Stem Cells

Chapter 10: Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering and the Mechanical Environment
C.E. Sarraf and M. Eastwood
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Chapter 11: Tissue Engineering: The Future of Stem Cells
K.M. Kim and G.R.D Evans
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Chapter 12: Mechanical Strain of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Induces Proliferation and Differentiation into Osteoblast-Like Cells
M. van Griensven, S. Diederichs and C. Kasper
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IX Gene Therapy

Chapter 13: Future Direction of Gene Therapy in Tissue Engineering
T. Kushibiki and Y. Tabata
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