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I Cartilage TE


Chapter 1:In Vitro Expansion of Chondrocytes
J. M. Melero-Martin and M. Al-Rubeai
Full chapter available

Chapter 2: Cell-Based Meniscus Tissue Engineering
H. Van der Bracht, R. Verdonk, G. Verbruggen, D. Elewaut and P. Verdonk
Full chapter available

II Dental TE

Chapter 3: Restorative Applications for Dental Pulp Therapy
C. Mauth, A.Huwig, U. Graf-Hausner and J-F.Roulet
Full chapter available


III Biomaterials

Chapter 4: Development of Naturally-Derived Biomaterials and Optimization of Their Biomechanical Properties
A. Pandit and J. Coburn
Full chapter available

Chapter 5: Fumarate-based Macromers as Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications
A.G. Mikos, J.S. Temenoff and F.K. Kasper
Full chapter available

Chapter 6: Smart Polymers and Their Applications as Biomaterials
M.R.Aguilar, C. Elvira, A. Gallardo, B. Vázquez, and J. San Román
Full chapter available


IV Bioreactors

Chapter 7: A Newly Developed Rotating Bed Bioreactor for Bone Tissue Engineering
C. Kasper, K. Suck, F. Anton, T. Scheper, S. Kall and M. van Griensven
Full chapter available

Chapter 8: Bioreactors for Liver Tissue Engineering
G. Catapano and J.C. Gerlach
Full chapter available


V Stem Cells

Chapter 9: Basic Biology and Animal Models in Stem Cell-Mediated Tissue Regeneration
C. Conrad, S. Lechner, H. Niess and R. Huss
Full chapter available


VI Genetic Engineering

Chapter 10: The Challenges of Cell Transplantation and Genetic Engineering for the Treatment of Diabetes
Sir R. Calne
Full chapter available


VII Miscellaneous

Chapter 11: PyNTTTTGT Oligonucleotides as Tools in Tissue Repair Procedures
J. Zorzopulos, A.H. Insúa, A.D.Montaner, J.M. Rodriguez, F. Elías, J.Fló, and R.A.Lopez
Full chapter available

Chapter 12: Fibronectin, Collagen, Fibrin - Components of Extracellular Matrix for Nerve Regeneration
A. Alovskaya, T. Alekseeva, J.B. Phillips, V. King and R. Brown
Full chapter available

Chapter 13: Genes and Proteins Involved in the Regulation of Osteogenesis
G.R. Kirkham and S.H. Cartmell
Full chapter available