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Oulu attracts international students (13.1.2014)

New mechanism found for risk of prostate cancer (10.1.2014)

University of Oulu has been awarded the prestigious ECTS Label (20.12.2013)

MUM 10 Years Impact Award to Leena Arhippainen and Marika Tähti (5.12.2013)

Symposium on transcultural encounters (4.12.2013)

Long-term unemployment may accelerate ageing in men (22.11.2013)

Mathematics of Planet Earth – A High-level Inverse Problems Conference in Inari (18.11.2013)

Oulu Business School to earn highly valued AACSB Accreditation (7.11.2013)

Intranet is coming – suggest a name! (4.11.2013)

New discoveries on hereditary causes for breast cancer (25.10.2013)

20 years of Finnish-American collaboration (2.10.2013)

National Bachelor’s Feedback Survey Examines Students' Satisfaction with their University (30.9.2013)

The 1st CEE Innovation Grant to adjunct professor Tapio Fabritius (24.9.2013)

The University of Oulu improves in the QS rankings (13.9.2013)

Doctoral Students’ Section established (11.9.2013)

Three days of opening events (20.8.2013)

Major international recognition for CrisisTracker (14.8.2013)

Radamsa finds over a hundred browser vulnerabilities (5.8.2013)

Nine Doctoral Students to Receive Martti Ahtisaari Institute Scholarships (10.6.2013)

Two new centres of excellence for the University of Oulu (6.6.2013)

Renewal of faculty division and administrative structures on 1 January 2014 (5.6.2013)

International Seminar – Delightful, user-centric design of urban computing (29.5.2013)

The University of Oulu at number three among Finnish universities in the URAP Ranking (13.5.2013)

Meteoroid impacts shatter Saturn's rings (26.4.2013)

Roy Wolfe Award to Jarkko Saarinen (19.4.2013)

X-ray Photoelectron Spectrosopy System Installed to the Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology (19.4.2013)

Professor Juha Röning elected into euRobotics Board of Directors (18.4.2013)

World Affairs Forum to discuss European Union’s Achievements and New Challenges (17.4.2013)

UbiCity software released under open source license (16.4.2013)

Research tied to industrial R&D opens new path of medical material production (9.4.2013)

Martti Ahtisaari Institute Research Groups 2013-2015 chosen (8.4.2013)

Options for structural development presented for the University community (4.4.2013)

UBI Challenge 2013 welcomes international researchers (25.3.2013)

Celtic Excellence Award in Silver to MEVICO (22.3.2013)

Research communities for RAE2013 assessment confirmed (25.2.2013)

Feedback on ECTS Label Application (29.1.2013)

Oulu and Sao Paulo join research efforts on telecommunications and dentistry (28.1.2013)

Finnish Academy funding expands wireless communications research cooperation with Korea (23.1.2013)

Novelty Cloud mines topics from TV broadcasts (21.1.2013)

Timo Koivumäki appointed as Research Professor of digital service business at the University of Oulu and VTT (9.1.2013)

Petri Hottola appointed to the ATLAS board (7.1.2013)

15th Anniversary of MediaTeam Oulu Research Group – history released (20.12.2012)

Business Kitchen is 29th of Oulu's '100 acts' (3.12.2012)

University of Oulu participates in mobile and wireless project METIS (29.11.2012)

Essi Kiuru appointed Administrative Director (20.11.2012)

The University of Oulu in the top 500 of the NTU Ranking (13.11.2012)

Residential dampness and mold problems result in a 50% increase in asthma risk (9.11.2012)

Quick propositions from faculties to renew operations structures (7.11.2012)

Europe supports Pyhäsalmi Mine as a location for neutrino laboratory (31.10.2012)

Ninth Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu in May 2013 (2.10.2012)

CWC Changes Director (1.10.2012)

How do you like our Website? (28.9.2012)

RAE2013 briefings to begin in the faculties (28.9.2012)

University of Oulu remains in the World top 500 (31.8.2012)

The deepest X-ray picture of the Milky Way (16.8.2012)

Nordic Water will bring together experts on water issues (1.8.2012)

First two graduated with Master's Degree in Wireless Communications Engineering (20.6.2012)

The University of Oulu strengthens its research profile by recruiting top researchers (19.6.2012)

University of Oulu and the Ministry of Education and Culture into agreement on goals (24.5.2012)

University of Oulu phone numbers to change on 14 May (4.5.2012)

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Notio opens on February 4th with events and guidance in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas

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Fundraising diversifies the funding base of universities

Dream job for super teacher

Dream job for super teacher

Intranet urges cooperation

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30.1. Crossing borders: The relational and territorial politics of bordering, identities and transnationalization (RELATE-OULU)
4.2. FinCEAL Info & Networking Session for researchers focusing on Africa of Latin America and the Caribbean
4.2. From Research to Business 2014

7.2. Polar Bear Pitching
10.2. CSE Research Showcase
13.2. Global mining industry: social responsibilities and requirements
18.2. 11th Science Day of the Faculty of Medicine
24.2. CSE Research Showcase
27.2. 3D Internet Possibilities in Tourism Business
7.–9.5.2014 Conference on Childhood Studies

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