Studies at University of Oulu 2013-2014

The University of Oulu offers study opportunities with a solid academic foundation ranging from 5-6 year degree programmes and master’s programmes to doctoral training. There are also several possibilities such as open university studies, executive training and continuing education for developing and maintaining skills and competencies.

In addition to a variety of student exchange programmes, international master’s degree programmes in English are offered in six fields of study, making the university an international study environment.

5-6 Year Degree Programmes

The Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Oulu is the northernmost Faculty of Humanities in Finland, providing teaching and research in practically all the academic disciplines concerned with achievements in the humanities: cultural studies, history, literature, language and linguistics, including logopedics. The Faculty offers a wide variety of subjects (about 40), of which 13 lead to graduation in the field. The main subjects in the Faculty are Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, English, German and Nordic Philology, Finnish Language, History, Information Studies, Literature, and Logopedics. In addition to these, three subjects have the only professorial chair in Finland, namely the History of Science and Ideas as well as Saami (Lappish) Language and Saami Culture, which are organized in the Giellagas Institute. Furthermore, there is a Master’s Degree Programme in Science Communication (TIEMA) in the Faculty.

Education in the Faculty is learning-centred, of a high standard and capable of constant development, where the active role of the students is also emphasised. In many fields of study, the students can construct up their degree relatively free, depending on where their interests lie. The aim of the education is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become experts in the fields of language, culture and history, and to ensure that the degree meets the demands of the work market.

Kati Leinonen

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The degree programmes in the Humanities are applied for through the joint application system at The language of instruction in the degree programme is Finnish. See more detailed information about applying and admission requirements within the degree programme websites.