Studies at University of Oulu 2016-2017

The University of Oulu offers study opportunities with a solid academic foundation ranging from 5-6 year degree programmes and master’s programmes to doctoral training. There are also several possibilities such as open university studies, executive training and continuing education for developing and maintaining skills and competencies.

In addition to a variety of student exchange programmes, international master’s degree programmes in English are offered in six fields of study, making the university an international study environment.

5-6 Year Degree Programmes

Degree Programmes in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology

Anthropology examines humans as cultural beings. The field consists of cultural anthropology, archaeology, bioanthropology, and linguistic anthropology. The University of Oulu offers degrees in cultural anthropology and archaeology; bioanthropology can be studied as part of archaeology.

Cultural anthropology and archaeology have shared basic level studies. Students choose between the subjects and declare their major by the end of March first year. Both programmes seek to understand past and present cultures, cultural change, and the ways in which cultures shape human lives. Cultural anthropology studies people, communities, and the social construction of behaviour across globe. The research is often based on fieldwork. Frequently, cultural anthropological knowledge is used in solving concrete social problems. The programme in Oulu specializes in northern cultures, contemporary cultural trends, cultural interaction, and environmental, medical, and applied anthropology.

Training in cultural anthropology equips a student to work as a researcher or a specialist in the cultural field, media, museums, and administration. Archaeology reconstructs past humans and their life ways through human-made objects and structures, animal and human remains and physicochemical changes left in the soil by human activity. Archaeology is multi-disciplinary by nature. Oulu students will learn about the evolution of culture in Finland and other regions of the world from an holistic anthropological perspective. The focal point is Finland and the Circumpolar zone from the Ice Age to fairly recent historic times, but the Baltic and Mediterranean regions are also included. Archaeology’s main goal is to preserve the past for future generations.

Basic information

Duration of Studies: 
5 years (3+2)
ECTS Credits: 
300 (180+120)
Language of Instruction: 
Graduate Profiles: 
Cultural Anthropologist
Cultural Producer
Location of Instruction: 
+358 (0)29 448 3450
hannu.i.heikkinen (at)
+358 (0)29 448 3230
vesa-pekka.herva (at)
+358 (0)29 448 3340
anneli.merilainen-hyvarinen (at)
+358 (0)29 448 3361
timo.ylimaunu (at)


Next Application Period: 
March 16th 2016 – April 6th 2016 (15.00 UTC +3)

The degree programme is applied for through the The language of instruction in the degree programme is Finnish. Applicants have to both apply in Finnish and be able to study in Finnish. Applicants are asked to prove their Finnish language skills in the admissions process.