Submissions to RDHum2019 are made through the EasyChair, an electronic submissions system. The deadline of submissions is 28.2.2018.

the submissions page

Technical instructions

The length of your abstract may not exceed 500 words.

Please add all authors in relevant fields and mark at least one of the authors as the corresponding author. S/he will receive any and all correspondence relating to the paper. If you wish, you can specify more than one corresponding author.

Please enter the title and content of your paper in the relevant fields. In addition, you will need to specify at least three keywords that best describe the content of your paper. Please add only one keyword per line.

If you so choose, you can, in addition, add your paper (short/long) in a Word form in the appropriate field. Please make sure that your paper corresponds to the required style of the publication series in which the volume will be published.

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