Briefly in English

Language – a key to participation, was a project aimed to “the post-integration phase” of immigrants, when the active integration and employment processes by the authorities had ended. The target group were immigrants who had professional or academic education either from their native country or from Finland, but who still had not been able to get a job in Finland due to their poor linguistic competence or weak networks.




In this project, various actions were taken to ease post-degree or post-doctoral job seekers to find the available employment services, to participate individually and independently in social activities and to improve their practical language skills, and with this contribution to feel like a competent member of Finnish society. 

The project offered different courses and a mentoring program for immigrants who already knew Finnish but who felt like their linguistic competence or social networks were not enough for getting a job in Finland.

The responsible party in the project was the discipline of Finnish as a second and foreign language of the University of Oulu in cooperation with the educational services and multicultural center of the city of Oulu. Other cooperative partners were BusinessOulu, employment services (TE-toimisto) and several educational institutes, local enterprises and multicultural associations. The project was funded by European Social Fund.


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