ADMA2- project (2019-2021) intensifies collaboration and information sharing between academia and industry. The project gives financial support and organises practical training periods of 2-4 months for PhD-students into companies located in different parts of Europe.

The activities of the project foster new research capacities that can rapidly be transferred into the advantage of business life. On the other hand, the business can produce new demands and research topics.

The interaction between research and business can stimuate new generation of products and production processes, where harmful materials are substituted and/or the production processes improved e.g. according to the principles of quality philosophies.

As a consequence, additional value is created for companies and entire raw materials field in Europe.


  • Valuable work experience in business life
  • Apply research skills in practise before graduation to solve real challenges and respond to the needs of companies
  • Establish  new collaborative networks
  • Get new ideas and aspects also for your doctoral thesis
  • Good experience, that can guide your career towards the raw materials sector
  • After graduation, you can utilise your expertice and skills for the advantage of companies and raw materials society


  • Highly motivated professional resource with most recent knowledge and scientific network
  • Boost is given for core business processes e.g. R&D
  • Large network of universities and institutes
  • The costs of highly educated researchers are covered by project partners
  • More resources and opportunities for involved industrial host organisations/companies
  • In longer term, less waste is generated, products are designed for quality and recyclability considered in the product development phase of the lifecycle
  • New research projects and consortiums can be established

The schedule

The internships are arranged every year (2019, 2020, 2021) in Autumn, between August-December.

The call for PhD-students is opened in the first part of the year (January-March). Please follow the announcements above, in the section Call for students, and send your application.

 New hosting companies and research institutes are welcomed all the time, around the year. Please, see further information above, in section Call for companies and fill in your information.

Project partners

The 12 partners of the project locate in Northern, Central and Southern areas of the Europe.

Large project network includes Universities, Research institutes and Companies of the raw materials fields in Finland, Estonia, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

The partners support internships by providing infrastructure, supervision, financial aid, and coordination of practical arrangements.

The targets of the project are achieved with intensive co-operation between partners, students and host organisations.