Reboot IoT Factory reforms industry with digital solutions

Reboot IoT Factory reforms industry with digital solutions – aiming at an impact of EUR 1 billion

Productivity, production quality and reaction speed are key challenges in industry. Reboot IoT Factory develops digital solutions for these challenges, with their functionality tested in a genuine factory environment. Business Finland has granted further funding for expanding the operating model.

Reboot IoT Factory is an ecosystem for the development of digital innovations with eight industrial plants and four research organisations involved. The major challenges of the manufacturing industry are identified together and dozens of innovative solutions are sought for testing , drawing on the expertise of more than 40 SMEs. The solutions may relate to, for example, delivery networks, robotics or digital production. They must be scalable, provide high added value and be suitable for the global market.

Reboot IoT Factory has quickly produced results. 18 months have seen the development of 20 Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions, many of which will generate an estimated EUR 1 million in added value over their life cycle. The benefits are multiplied thanks to scalability.

-Our goal is to develop 25 more PoC solutions in the next 18 months. In total, we are aiming at an impact of EUR 1 billion in Finnish industry by 2025 through commercial scalability of the results, says the project’s coordinator Marko Jurvansuu from VTT.


For industrial plants, the results are already reflected in improved competitiveness.

-Reboot increased our capacity in our product line with such extent that we can transfer more production to Finland, says Heli Huhtala, who leads the Reboot project at GE Healthcare Finland.

-We have developed an agile Reboot model way of working together with the industry. The model enables agile definition of digitalization proof-of-concepts (POC) in collaboration with companies and researchers. Chosen POCs are realized together with the SME sector enabling fast leverage of research results towards commercialization. We cross-breed different research disciplines and industry in a new way, says Susanna Pirttikangas from Center for Ubiquitous Computing, the project’s responsible leader for University of Oulu and co-coordinator of Reboot Finland IoT Factory ecosystem.


Read the full news from here (VTT page, includes contact information of the researchers).


Last updated: 28.10.2019