Call for companies

The ADMA2-project welcomes companies and RTOs to host PhD-students. The benefits are various; in addition to gaining skilled researchers with the most recent knowledge, the costs of internships are paid by the project.

The benefits  for the hosting Companies/Research institutes

  • Your organization is profiled in a network of 700 PhD- students

  • Host a PhD student for a 1-4 month long internship, where the student can work to solve your challenge - with the support of their home university and the 12 partners in the ADMA2 Project.

  • The grant/salary, travel & accommodation, and material costs are covered by the ADMA2-project.

  • Supervision of students are jointly arranged by home University and host organization


How could I get students into my company?

To gain the benefits of this opportunity, outline your challenge and profile your company/organisation by filling the form

By the end of May each year, we will shortlist students, and Companies /Research institutes to find best matches and organize interviews. The project will support you and PhD student in devising a project plan for the internship period.

The timing of internships

Internships are mainly arranged in the period August – December in years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Additional information

See the Project Partners-website

Project Manager of ADMA2-project
Anu Sirviö
Faculty of Technology
University of Oulu, Finland
+358 50 327 0920

Responsible Director of ADMA2 project
Dean of the Faculty of Technology
Professor Riitta Keiski
University of Oulu, Finland
+358 40 726 3018

Last updated: 16.12.2020