PhD-students´ internships in Companies/RTOs in 2020


ADMA2-project (2019-2021), funded by EIT RawMaterials, offers opportunities for PhD-students to participate in internships arranged in Companies or Research institutes in 2020.

The offer
Internships of 1-4 months are arranged for PhD-students in companies or research institutes (RTOs) located abroad or home country.

Depending on the partner organization and situation of the selected students, a grant/salary, travel, accommodation and material costs are covered.

The main purpose of internships is to solve challenges given by the business life, rather than support PhD-studies as such.

We expect the internships to be implemented in the period August – December 2020. Please note, also other times are possible.

There are 12 partners in ADMA2 project from five EU-countries (Italy, Spain, Estonia, Netherlands and Finland*). All the partners support and arrange internships in companies and research institutes. You can also express your own wish regarding the host company.

The supervision for the internship is arranged by the student´s home University and host organization.

What are the benefits internship offers for you?

  • Valuable work experience in business life before graduation
  • Apply research skills to solve real business challenges and respond to the needs of companies
  • Plan your international career
  • Establish new collaborative networks
  • Get new ideas and aspects also for your doctoral thesis
  • Good experience that can guide your career towards the raw materials sector
  • After graduation, you can utilize your expertise and skills for the advantage of companies operating in raw materials field

How to apply?
The call is open all the time (1.1-31.12.2020). However, we prefer to receive applications before the end of July 2020.

We will shortlist students, companies/research institutes to find best matches and arrange interviews.

When you are confident you would like to take part in internship, the project will support you in defining a business plan (project plan) for the internship period.

To apply for position, fill in the electrical form here and tell about your background, interests, preferred working areas and list companies/institutes where you would like to go.

We will contact you as soon as possible.



See the partners´ complete information on the homepage of the project (lower section of the page)

University of Oulu, Finland
ADMA2 Project Manager
Faculty of Technology
Anu Sirviö
+358 50 327 0920

Project Coordinator, Faculty of Technology
Satu Pitkäaho
+358 403593434

Responsible Director of ADMA2 project
Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean of the Faculty of Technology
+358 40 726 3018

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Associate Professor, Department of Geology
Veiko Karu
+372 569 51 657

Aalto University, Finland
Project manager, Aalto EIT Services
Zoltan Javor
+358 50 501 0204

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Assistant Professor
Victor E. Scholten
+31 15 27 89 596

GTK, Finland
Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Finland
Jukka Kuva
+358 29 503 2127

CSIC, Spain
Maria Jesus Lazaro

CNR, Italy (several CNR-research institutes are involved)
Senior Researcher
Vladimiro dal Santo
+39 333 383 6712

Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Giovanni Dotelli
+39 02 2399 3232

Bicocca, University of Milano, Italy
Paola Branduardi
+39 02 644 834 18

HyDEP-company, Italy

Mario Dragoni
+39 344 282 1962

Kerline-company, Italy
Giovanna Sotgiu
+39 05 1639 8290

Last updated: 19.10.2020