Faculty Board

The Faculty Board consists of a chairperson and eleven members, nine from within the university and two from outside. The members from within the university represent the different staff groups and students. Members representing the staff are elected for four years term and members representing students for two years term.


Riitta Keiski, Dean

I Group

Harri Haapasalo, Professor
Saija Luukkanen, Professor
Janne Pihlajaniemi, Professor

Substitute members

Juhani Niskanen
Eva Pnngracz
Rauno Heikkilä

II Group

Aulikki Herneoja, University Lecturer
Toni Liedes, University Lecturer
Satu Ojala, Adj.Prof.

Substitute members

Teija Kangas
Raimo Tervola
Juha Ahola

III Group

Anni Syväkuru, Student
Andreas Malinen, Student
Viljami Viinikka, Student

Substitute members

Anni Karjalainen
Anton Tapaila
Anna Rautio

IV The Board members from outside the University of Oulu

Ari Venninen, Plant Manager and Managing Director, Kraton Chemical Oy
Jouko Virranniemi, Industrial counsellor, Pölkky Oy
Janne Palosaari, Chief Commercial Officer, Terrafame Oy

Secretary of the Board

Arja Alin,  Management Assistant


Last updated: 14.5.2020