ITEE Project Showcase

Friday, October 10, 2014


TIME: Friday 10 October at  9:30-11:00

VENUE: YB 210 (click here to see location on campus map)

The event is open for all students and staff members at University of Oulu. Coffee and buns served.

Researchers are presenting scientific results achieved in cooperation between two or more research groups of the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering:

  • J. Aikio, M. Berg:  "Inexpensive Plastic Thickness Measurement System Using High Frequency Pulses "
  • M. Cortes, M. Kinnula: "ChildSpaces has Heard Children from Kiiminkijoki School"
  • J. Hannu, A. Kemppainen: "Artificial Tactile Sensing Based on Novel Composite Foam Materials and Stochastic Classifiers"
  • S. Huttunen, M. Kinnunen: "Utilizing Optical Tweezers for Measuring Aggregation Forces at a Cellular Level" (*)
  • J. Janhunen, J. Boutellier: "CMOS Standard Cell Library and Tools Update" 
  • J. Koskela, H. Chowdhury, B. Chaudary: "Study of direct and multi-spot diffuse links in VLC-based indoor positioning systems "
  • J. Putaala:"Cable Antenna Pre-study for Severe Operating Conditions"
  • C. Schuss, K. Leppanen, P. Pandab:"Advanced Measurement Techniques to Improve Output Performances of Photovoltaics"
  • P. Vilmi, S. Varjo: "3D-printed Microlens Arrays for Direct Imaging"




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