Research Communities

Spearhead and Development Teams

Research in the Faculty of Technology has been divided into six research communities, which have spearhead and development teams. In teams, we share research and innovation ideas and plan projects also in collaboration with other faculties’ researchers.

Research communities work in cooperation with private companies, research networks and other stakeholders. New collaboration ideas and contacts are welcome!

1. Steel production, fabrication and applications (Professor Jari Larkiola)

  • Advanced stainless steels and applications
  • Advanced high-strength carbon steels and applications
  • Physical simulation and numerical modelling
  • Reduction metallurgy
  • Metallurgical coke making and properties

2. Inorganic materials in circular economy (Professor Mirja Illikainen)

  • Processing and utilization of industrial residuals
  • Sustainable binding materials
  • Immobilisation of hazardous components
  • Geopolymers and hybrid materials
  • Inorganic micro and nanoparticles

3. Bioeconomy; biomaterials and biochemicals (Professor Juha Tanskanen)

  • Biorefining and biochemicals
  • Biocoal products
  • High value bioproducts
  • Composites
  • Bioeconomy and ICT

4. Automation; process, machine and construction automation (Lecturer Jukka Hiltunen)

  • Control and system methods
  • Energy automation
  • Supervisory, monitoring and control room design
  • Machine automation and diagnostics
  • Automation and robotics in construction and mining
  • Industrial process automation

5. Environment, sustainable production and cleantech innovations (Professor Riitta Keiski)

  • Environmental and process catalysis and sustainable energy
  • Separation processes and water pollution control
  • Water management and sustainable growth
  • Computational and analytical methods in environmental and chemical engineering
  • Sustainable mining

6. Planning and productisation (Professor Harri Haapasalo)

  • Product management
  • Inorganic materials, circular economy and productisation
  • Bioeconomy and productisation
  • Steel technology and productisation
  • Engines and transportation devices

7. Arctic mining (Professor Saija Luukkanen)

  • Recently established Research Community lead by Oulu Mining School
  • Arctic mining in Northern areas


Last updated: 22.8.2019