For researchers

Are you searching for a business for your idea or collaborators for research? We will find you one!

Join the creative research environment, where the fruits of your labor can be utilised in business and research communities. Or why not start your own company! In addition to experts in technology and natural sciences we also have economists, sociologists, humanists and healthcare professionals in addition to students.

Do you need experts or partners from a certain field? We have a wide, up to date register of businesses and researchers from Finland and abroad. You will get the right contacts for your needs for free from us. If contacts are not enough, we take your ideas forward together! Contact us and tell us your need, we are happy to help. For researchers outside the university of Oulu, we offer a one stop contact point for the research expertise of the whole faculty.

We offer:

  • Productisation of research findings
  • Potential partnering companies, that have a need for the results of research
  • The research network of the Oulu Innovation Alliance
  • One stop contact for the research expertise in the faculty
  • Help in applying for funding and RDI-project coordination


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Pekka Tervonen,

Research professor

040 6739519


Last updated: 8.2.2018