The cooperation network of Oulu Innovation Alliance

During recent years, an efficient and tight innovative network of different actors has formed in Oulu. The purpose of Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) is first and foremost to continue the long tradition of cooperation between education, research and the business- and private sectors in Oulu. The Oulu Innovation Alliance is described as a group of ecosystems in its new term. One of which is the Industry 2026 -ecosystem coordinated by the University of Oulu.

The contract partners of the Industry 2026 -ecosystem are the University of Oulu, the city of Oulu, Oulu university of applied sciences, VTT, Technopolis, Natural resources institute of Finland (LUKE) and the Finnish environment institute (SYKE). In addition to these, regional leading large companies, SME-businesses and regional actors are included.

The international Oulu is the fastest growing urban area in Finland and a leading location for business growth and new endeavors


ICT ja digitalisation in a resource-efficient circular economy

The fields of focus in the ecosystem are a strong value chain in metal and machinery industries, high value creating bioeconomy products and resource efficiency in environment and energy.

The strategic goals of these fields of focus are to connect high class research and expertise transparently in Oulu, and also nationally and internationally through cooperation networks. This cooperation and joint projects will bring new eco-innovative expertise and business to global markets.


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Contact us! The Industry 2026 -ecostystem of the Oulu Innovaton Alliance is a one stop guide to the business- and research expertise in our region. Welcome to our network.


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Last updated: 8.2.2018