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Professor Heli Jantunen wins Nokia Foundation Recognition Award

Nokia Foundation has granted its 2018 Recognition Award to Professor Heli Jantunen from University of Oulu for her outstanding contributions to research and development of microelectronics, manufacturing and materials.

--Because of my background in industry I have always seen the research as a development process. We have a good team and solving problems collectively is our strength. The multidisciplinary approach produces high-quality scientific results and the research challenges are often based on the needs of our industrial partners. Our group is also a part of the 6G research ecosystem hosted by the University of Oulu. We research and create new materials, and develop devices using the most feasible manufacturing technologies. The research method is both theoretical and practical, says professor Heli Jantunen.

Heli Jantunen sai Nokian Säätiön tunnustuspalkinnon

Professor Heli Jantunen is the Leader of the Microelectronics Research Unit in University of Oulu, focusing on novel ICT electronics, high frequency applications, energy harvesters, sensors, multifunctional micromodules and printed electronics devices. Her research group has also invented electro ceramic materials with ultra-low sintering temperature including even fabrication at room temperature in 2014. Professor Heli Jantunen is the inventor of 76 patents and has over 250 peer reviewed scientific publications. Her research has been awarded and funded by impressive list of funding agencies, such as Tekes, Academy of Finland, NiCe, EU, ERA.Net and ERC with the Advanced Grant.

The results of her research have been broadly utilized in the telecommunication industry where the high technology materials enable advanced high efficient radio systems. Professor Jantunen leads a team of researchers in Oulu University that has a pivotal role in the innovation ecosystem of companies of diversified profiles. The close collaboration between public and private actors demonstrates its best achievements in Oulu through leadership, knowledge, and systematic, resilient hard work.

Heli Jantunen has been a member of the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Academy of Finland (2010-2015) and is currently General Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Defence (MATINE 2013–2018). Additionally, she is an Academician Member of “World Academy of Ceramics (WAC)” from 2013.



Last updated: 7.12.2018