Researcher Education


Doctoral education in the University of Oulu

is organized by the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS). The main goal of the UniOGS is to provide the framework and conditions for high-quality, research-driven doctoral education for all students of the University of Oulu.

More information about applying to doctoral programs is provided by the UniOGS Coordinator of Technology and Natural Sciences (see in Deans and Coordinators)


Graduate Schools operating within the Faculty of Technology

University of Oulu has a number of organized and focus oriented Doctoral Programs (DP) working together with UniOGS and the faculty research groups. More information on their activities are available on their internet pages. The most significant ones operating with or under the Faculty of Technology are:

Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme

The research in the DP includes the whole materials cycle, from e.g. exploration and extraction of minerals, through mineral processing to sustainable and innovative materials and finally to materials recovery and recycling. The research also covers diminishing potential environmental impacts at each stage of the material cycle. DP web-pages are currently under construction. Contact person: Satu Pitkäaho

Bioeconomy doctoral program

The key training objectives and research areas of the DP include the characterization of biomaterials to open up the innovative possibilities, selection and modification of raw materials to be suitable for novel processing, exploration of advanced conversion techniques and key technologies, design and development of sustainable products and processes. Contact person: Prof. Juha Tanskanen

Thule Doctoral Program

Thule DP is focusing on environment, natural resources and northern issues. The underlining drive is change in the North and the needs to study its impacts on ecosystems and societies and to find sustainable mitigation solutions. Contact person: Riitta Kamula


Last updated: 3.7.2018