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TEKNOKAS - Technology Education Center

TEKNOKAS, the first nationwide technology education center in Finland,  is developing general technology education in primary and secondary schools. The centerdevelops the contents and methods of technology education as well as teaching materials and equipment for technology education. One of the main activities of the center is to arrange primary and secondary school teachers updating training in technology education, to support them to take into account the cross-curricula theme of technology education in their teaching and school culture. Thus, the center is responding to the challenges on technology education posed by the reformed curricula.

TEKNOKAS supports educating children, via teachers, to understand, value and develop further the environment that man has built for his purposes, i.e. technology. The content areas include automation and robotics, mechanics, structures, electricity and electronic as well as the basic issues related to the production, storage and utilisation of energy. As technology often develops through innovations, important goals of technology education also include the development of skills to observe and solve problems related to the built environment and encouragement of creativity.

One of the background factors behind the center is the long-standing research and development of technology education in the Faculty of Education, University of Oulu. Following the ideology of university outreach, the project is taking the university's know-how in technology education to the province and further.

The center is operated by the Oulu Southern Institute of the University of Oulu. It is funded by the State Provincial Office of Oulu through ESF and government funding,  as well as by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Co-operation partners include the National Board of Education of Finland, Central Ostrobothnia Polytechnic and The Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers (TEK). The center has several international partners and is collaborating widely in the field of technology education research.

TEKNOKAS provides Ylivieska and the Oulu South region with a nationally and internationally significant know-how and training unit that serves schools and citizens to add to and spread technological know-how. The centre will also introduce youth to the industry and economic life in their own environment, adding for its part to the vitality of the region in the long run.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Esa-Matti Järvinen 

Research Manager, Ed.D.
Tel:+358 40 – 754 8243,
e-mail: esa-matti.jarvinen(at)oulu.fi

TEKNOKAS - Learning by doing!



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