Kickstart Business Idea Competition

Maanantai, joulukuu 4, 2017

Kickstart’s objective is to promote a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, to create new businesses into the area, and to act as a cooperation forum towards other competitions that promote entrepreneurship. The competition is not bound to any particular field of education and it is organized both in Finnish and in English. You can gain experience in developing a business idea, and at best, the competition can ignite a spark for entrepreneurship. You can participate alone or as a team as long as all team members are from the University of Oulu.

During the two steps of the competition the business ideas are polished up. The first step is organized within University of Oulu where the best business ideas are ranked in the Univeristy's final. The best three teams move forward to the Kickstart grand final where the best idea is chosen from the pitches of all three faculties.


What? Kickstart is a business idea competition organized by Oulu University, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the Oulu Vocational College. The competition will start again on 14th of September and will culminate to the grand final in January 2018.

Why? You get the opportunity to validate your business idea, valuable feedback from local experts and win great prizes.

Who? You can take part in the competition either in Finnish or in English, alone or with a student team - it´s your choice.

How? The competition is two-stage; Every school sends their best qualifying ideas to the finals, where only the greatest ideas will succeed.

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