Venturing Research Challenge up and running

Business Kitchen Tellus is currently hosting Venturing Research Challenge. This unique event provides a pathway for commercializing research by bringing together researchers and entrepreneurial minds in a fast-track business bootcamp. Students, researchers, and entrepreneurs work together to build new solutions and products, and the best ones can continue on to be a part of successful high-tech startups if they find a suitable team. Venture Research Challenge is about fast ideation and testing of research-based business ideas in one compact 3-day event. 

During the event, mentors will share their expertise, facilitate the ideation process, and help teams to find the best business model for their research case. Currently, teams are meeting mentors and preparing for the finals of tomorrow. The grand finals will begin at Tellus Stage on Friday at 1 pm. Each of the teams will pitch their idea in five minutes and the awards for the winners will be handed out at 3pm (Tellus Stage). The finals and the award ceremony are both open for public. 

The intriguing research cases teams are solving include the following: 


"An exoskeleton is a powerful tool in the right hands. We have expertise in building them and for our next step we want to aim higher. We are looking for help in finding applications where the capabilities of the exoskeleton can be utilized intelligently and purposefully." 


Alcohol abuse by mother during pregnancy causes several defects for the unborn baby. In this investigation we get deeper in the physiological functions and interactions, and evaluate the possibilities and social questions of a rescue mixture to prevent the defects or at least minimize the damages. 


Getting food from small farms to table requires improved logistics, since that has been the bottleneck up until now for. Natural Resources Institute Finland has developed a new optimizing model for getting food from nearby farms more efficiently to stores and restaurants.


ICEMET is a new method to measure the essential properties of cloud droplets. This new method makes possible to determine the ice accumulation on structures on the basis of weather condition information. When this unique droplet information is combined to basic meteorological observation, simulations of the quantity and quality of the accumulated ice load to structures are enabled. The method can be used in weather modeling, ice formation prediction and monitoring in wind power production, aviation, road transportation & safety and in fixed structures such as masts, bridges and power lines.


Oulu region has opportunities to extensive nature exoticism. Natural Resources Institute Finland has planned a new application for conscious travelers, who are interested in nature and are willing to compensate for environmental impacts of the travelling. Compensation is a way that we can work towards reducing our impacts on the environment.


World-class research, tight collaboration between different fields combined with brave entrepreneurial minds is the foundation to new success stories, and Oulu has all the ingredients for it.


Viimeksi päivitetty: 9.11.2017