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25.11.2020 News

All the videos from the Festival of Cultures are available online

This November, the Festival of Cultures was held in virtual form for the first time ever.

23.11.2020 News

Brown Bag seminar examined socially and ecologically responsible tourism practices

The latest Brown Bag seminar was a part of the Festival of Cultures and it dealt with the major theme of the week: travel.

16.11.2020 News

Brown Bag: ethical and political consumerism in tourism context

The theme of the next Brown Bag seminar will be ethical and political consumerism in tourism context. The seminar will be held in Zoom on the 19th of November from 11 to 12.

9.11.2020 News

Storytime for Faculty of Technology – Seeing the Big Picture

Storytime events invite University of Oulu alumni with interesting career paths to tell their story one faculty at a time.

4.11.2020 News

Brown Bag seminar discussed pandemics as a challenge for society

The speakers of this Brown Bag seminar were PhD and professor Seppo Vainio from Biocenter research group and University lecturer of modern global history Markku Hokkanen.

4.11.2020 News

CLC Webinar series on Disruption - first webinar: Rethinking Food and Agriculture 11.11.

Climate Leadership Coalition will organize a series of webinars focusing on disruption on the society and how it impacts different sectors.

22.10.2020 News

Storytime for Biomedical Engineering – at the Intersection of Medicine and Technology

Storytime events invite University of Oulu alumni with interesting career paths to tell their story one faculty at a time.

15.10.2020 News

#SustMat Twitter Conference: Creating the materials of the future

The University of Oulu is organizing its fourth Twitter conference on 29th October at noon, 12.00 p.m. (UTC+3). The theme for the conference is “Sustainable steelmaking and low CO2 materials"

14.10.2020 News

Sustainable Development week gathered a lot of interested participants

The Sustainable Development week was organized for the second time this fall. There was a total of 13 events during the week. All the events gathered a total of about 300 visitors.

14.10.2020 News

Yrittäjän tarina: Henri Repo ja Kettusurfboards

Kickstartin Yrittäjän tarina -sarjassa tutustutaan paikallisiin yrittäjiin sekä heidän polkuunsa yrittäjyyden pariin. Samassa voit saada käyttökelpoisia vinkkejä oman liikeidean kehittämiseen.

9.10.2020 News

Biodiversity can be more diverse than we can think

We had interesting discussions on biodiversity in the Brown Bag Research Lunch Seminar on the Sustainable development week.

6.10.2020 News

Storytime for Faculty of ITEE – From a University Job Fair to Silicon Valley

Storytime-events invite University of Oulu alumni with interesting career paths to tell their story one faculty at a time.

29.9.2020 News

Sustainable development week is on the next week

Sustainable development week is here! This year, the theme of the week is northern sustainability.

26.8.2020 News

Enjoy great events in Tellus this fall

The fall in Tellus is once again full of familiar events and something new. Most events will be organized in a way that you can attend both on site and online. All online events can be attended at

11.8.2020 News

Tellus is open again