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29.5.2020 News

Tellus opens on the 1st of June with restrictions

Staff and students may enter the campus starting on the first of June.

19.5.2020 News

Climate anxiety can be lifted by taking small action

The topic of the third Sustainable development x Corona discussion was young people’s perspective of the climate change. Our guest was Mara Konttila from OSYK upper secondary school. Here are the main points of the conversation.


14.5.2020 News

Kasvatustieteiden maisteri on ihmisasiantuntija

Kevään viimeisessä Storytimessä vieraana olivat kasvatustieteellisestä tiedekunnasta valmistuneet Suvi Poikela ja Hanna Alasuutari. Suvi toimii Growth Specialistina MPS LIfeworksissa ja Hanna kansainvälisenä inklusiivisen opetuksen ja kasvatuksen erityisasiantuntijana Maailmanpankissa.

30.4.2020 News

Brown Bag: Energy is in major transition, and it will change the society

Energy engineering and production of energy is going through a major transition. Much has already been done to achieve the goals set in Paris climate agreement, but we are still only embarking on this journey. The Brown Bag seminar organized on the 29th of April focused on energy and the transition in energy production.

24.4.2020 News

Covid-19 pandemic ideaspree deadline postponed until 3.5.

Do you have an idea how to mitigate or prevent the negative impacts of Covid-19 pandemic?

23.4.2020 News

Corona pandemic has proven the power of systemic changes in fighting climate change

Read the content of the first sustainable development x corona discussion here!

1.4.2020 News

New event series: Virtual Tellus Goes Abroad

We’re launching a series of online events at Virtual Tellus which will connect our academic community to our alumni and students from abroad.

20.3.2020 News

Tellus builds community in virtual mode

Tellus operates virtually during the spring and everyone can take part in the events online. The demand for communities is high and we will build ways to cooperate and stay in touch from homes. Tellus will remain an inspiring meeting place with lots of interesting and valuable content.

16.3.2020 News

Tellus events taking place in March will be cancelled

All events produced by Tellus will be cancelled until the beginning of April to prevent the spreading of corona virus. The cancelled events are St.

16.3.2020 News

Polar Bear Pitching live broadcast was filled with best memories and new experiments – Watch the show here

Due to coronavirus outbreak, Polar Bear Pitching could not be held normally this year and was instead turned into a broadcast only 7 days before the event itself. The event was totally rebuilt and in itself it was an experiment on how to do events at times like these.

5.3.2020 News

Polar Bear Pitching 2020 will be cancelled

The main organizers of Polar Bear Pitching event, regret to inform you that due to rapidly expanding coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), this year’s Polar Bear Pitching event is forced to be cancelled.

21.2.2020 News

Become a student marshal in the conferment ceremony

Young doctors celebrate their achievements at the 11th conferment ceremony of the University of Oulu in May. Conferment ceremony is the classiest and most traditional ceremony of the academia. Become a student marshal and get to experience the event from within. 

7.2.2020 News

Become a Self-Hack facilitator!

Self-Hack will be organised for all new students next fall. We are now looking for students to become facilitators and guide new students in the event.

4.2.2020 News

K group strengthens cooperation with the university of Oulu

Finnish retailing company K group has been increasing cooperation with all major universities within the last few years.

21.1.2020 News

All sorts of interesting happenings take place in Tellus during the spring

All the old favourite events and some newcomers can be attended in Tellus again this spring. The biggest event of this season is probably Polar Bear Pitching, which will be held on the 12th of March on the ice next to the marketplace. It’s time for Humanities to shine in Meet the Top Scientist seminar. This time the scientists will be from Eudaimonia research institute. 

19.12.2019 News

The University of Oulu’s and Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ shared entrepreneurship activities established in 2020

Shared entrepreneurship programmes will be integrated into research and education at both institutes of higher education in Oulu. The services and education established in Business Kitchen will continue, but the Business Kitchen brand will no longer be used starting from January 2020. Opening in the city center in February of 2020, BusinessAsema will serve as a meeting place as well as entrepreneurship and employment hub for different stakeholders in the area. 

25.11.2019 News

Tellus will be closed on Thursday and Friday due to 5G Cyber Security Hackathon

The first ever 5G Cyber Security Hackathon will be organized in Tellus this weekend (November 29th to December 1st).