19.9.2018 News

Meet the Top Scientist -seminar “Arctic Science with Attitude” with Jeffrey Welker, Anna-Kaisa Salmi and Arja Rautio

The seminar gathers the brightest brains exploring the Arctic and welcomes you to hear the latest developments in the Arctic research theme.

18.9.2018 News

Get to know over 40 cultures at once in Festival of Cultures!

Did you know that there are students and staff from almost 100 countries in our university? Festival of Cultures offers a unique opportunity for everyone to experience the interesting cultures of all these people, who you see in the corridors every day. 

17.9.2018 News

Enjoy a lunch topped with science in Brown Bag lunch seminars

You are warmly welcome to enjoy top research over lunch to Brown Bag Lunch Seminar series organized by the University of Oulu's Focus Institutes. The events will take place in Tellus Stage on Linnanmaa campus once a month. Seminars are open for all members of our Science Community, students and staff alike. Lunch will be served to all registered participants.

17.9.2018 News

Tellus closed on 19.9. from 6 to 12

Tellus will be closed on Wednesday this week from 6 to 12 in the morning. In the afternoon after 12, Tellus is again normally in use.

12.9.2018 News

BizBus gathered hundreds of people to learn about entrepreneurship in a moving bus

The University of Oulu took entrepreneurial education to a whole new platform this fall and introduced BizBus – a bus on which famous successful entrepreneurs share their stories and keys to success. Free ride to city centre and back and the educational and inspirational stories gathered hundreds of people on board to learn, how everybody can take the future in their own hands.

7.9.2018 News

Demola is looking for students to join projects with companies!

Would you like to add “project working experience in an international team” to your CV? How about solving real-life cases and problems for actual companies and getting 5 ECTS credits for it?

17.5.2018 News

The Improbable - An artistic take on entrepreneurship

The Improbable, Experience the artistic approach to entrepreneurship!  

27.4.2018 News

New guidelines for using Tellus Cubes

The glass cubes in Tellus are very popular, so we established a reservation system and some new guidelines on how to use them.

10.4.2018 News

Avanto accelerator Demo Day on April 24th

They say, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!". We are excited to invite you to the celebration of entrepreneurship on April 24th, the Demo Day of the Avanto Accelerator program spring batch when young aspiring entrepreneurs will present the business ideas which they had been working on for the past few weeks.

5.4.2018 News

ArcticCube opened at Tellus International Avenue

Yesterday, Thule Institute opened ArcticCube at Tellus International Avenue for the

21.3.2018 News

Startup Weekend in a nutshell: 6 new business concepts in 54 hours

Startup weekend by Tech Stars was held last weekend. The mayor of Oulu opened the event, which aims to turn raw ideas into ready business concepts in only 54 hours.

16.3.2018 News

Sign up for Venturing Research Challenge

Are you a doer who likes building something new? Perhaps some day your goal is to be a CEO? This is your chance to be part of changing the world! Join us to build new success stories!

14.3.2018 News

ArcticCube opens at Tellus Innovation Arena

Thule Institute has opened an ArcticCube, located at the Tellus Innovation Arena in the heart of the University of Oulu's Linnanmaa campus area, for

26.2.2018 News

100 years of city design in Oulu -exhibition will be in Tellus the whole March

During March, you will be able to learn the history and future of designing the city of Oulu. On Thursday, 28.2.

23.2.2018 News

Startup Weekend Oulu 16.-18.3.2018

Friday, March 16, 2018 to Sunday, March 18, 2018

22.2.2018 News

Companies and organizations are looking for talented students to join projects which could change the world!

Would you like to add “project working experience in an international team” to your CV? How about solving real-life cases and problems for actual companies, getting 5 ECTS credits for it, and possibly even earning some money as well?


19.2.2018 News

Uni Oulu Globe is touring the campuses in February

Uni Oulu globe gives you a hands on -experience on our international networks.

6.2.2018 News

Polar Bear Pitching 6.-7.2.2018

"We won't leave you cold!"

20.12.2017 News

Tellus Innovation Arena in self-service mode from 22.12. until 7.1.

Tellus will be in self-service mode from 22nd of December until 7th of January, as our staff will be on holidays.​

20.12.2017 News

Demola solving the problems of the future

On December 13th, Business Kitchen Tellus was fully packed for Demola Oulu Graduation event.

8.12.2017 News

Witness how new startups are brewed in Avanto

Brilliant new startups are brewing in Oulu as another batch of the Avanto Idea Accelerator program is coming to an end.