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25.11.2019 News

Tellus will be closed on Thursday and Friday due to 5G Cyber Security Hackathon

The first ever 5G Cyber Security Hackathon will be organized in Tellus this weekend (November 29th to December 1st).

18.11.2019 News

Tellus got a certificate for being an excellent place for an internship

On the last day of their internship, the trainees of this fall, Pekka Hirvonen and Tekla Heinonen, presented Tellus a certificate for serving as an excellent place for an internship. In the certificate, Pekka and Tekla stated that Tellus is considered to have performed their tasks extremely well. You can read the whole certificate and more ino on internships below.

15.10.2019 News

The Sustainable development week got people on the move

The university of Oulu and the student union organized a sustainable develooment week together from 7th to 11th of October.

2.10.2019 News

Festival of Cultures will be held again on the 12th of November

The most colourful day of the year, Festival of Cultures, gathers people together to celebrate the multiculturalism of our university again on the 12th of November.

30.9.2019 News

Develop a business idea with a kick!

Kickstart is a business idea competition organized by Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu Vocational College and University of Oulu. In the first phase, ideas will compete within their own organizations, and the competition will culminate in the grand final where business ideas from all the organizations compete against each other. Apply now, the application period ends on 3.11.2019! 

17.9.2019 News

Science will have a major role in the Sustainable development week

There will be a lot of interesting science-related content on the Sustainable development week, which will be held from 7th to 11th of October.

13.9.2019 News

Many interesting events will take place in the new Tellus Kontinkangas

The new Tellus will bring many new activities to Kontinkangas campus as it opens. There will be regularly for example morning yoga, career counselling, workshops by study psychologist, Alumni stories, lunch seminars, interaction training and much more. 

10.9.2019 News

Students gave good feedback on Self-Hack

Last Friday, all the new freshmen went through Self-Hack at the end of orientation week. In Self-Hack, students get to know themselves and what their lives consist of, and then form meaningful and fulfilling future plans based on increased self-knowledge.

26.8.2019 News

This fall, new students start by finding their way in life

On the sixth of September, about 2000 new students are expected to go through Self-Hack in the University of Oulu.

6.8.2019 News

University Business Forum sparks collaboration again on the 16th of October

Last fall, University Business Forum was held for the first time and it gathered over 300 researchers and company representatives to talk about future collaboration.

28.5.2019 News

Tellus is in Self-Service mode from 26th of July to 4th of August

Tellus will provide the full service also through most of this summer. Service point will be closed from July 26th to 4th of August.

22.5.2019 News

The opening ceremony of Tellus Kontinkangas will be held on the 17th of September

A new Tellus will be opened in Kontinkangas this fall. Tellus is a space, in which it’s easy to organize events, study, meet people and work together.

16.5.2019 News

Midnight Sun Space challenge in Sodankylä

Midnight Sun Space Challenge solves big questions related to space industry.

7.5.2019 News

Meet the Top Scientist seminar offered a peek to the future of VR and robotics

Meet the Top Scientist seminar was held on Tellus Stage on the 7th of May. There were three scientists from different fields who all work currently on robotics and VR, an interview with Steven LaValle and a panel discussion on the future. 

18.4.2019 News

Innovative solutions and new skills from sOULUtions

A three-day event sOULUtions was held from 10th to 12th of April in Tellus. Almost hundred people participated the event. They were divided into 20 teams to create new solutions for different challenges. Three tracks of the event offered challenges faced by companies, city and researchers. 

12.4.2019 News

What should the University do as a part of the 2026 European Capital of Culture?

Oulu is applying to be the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

4.4.2019 News

Suggest names for the rooms in Tellus Kontinkangas!

After summer 2019, a new Tellus space will be opened in Aapistie 7A, Kontinkangas. The premises will be in use by fall and now we would need good names for seven rooms. Six of these rooms will be meeting rooms and one group working space. 

29.3.2019 News

Tellus is reserved for Soulutions from 10th to 12th of April

A hackathon called Soulutions will be organized in Tellus from 10th to 12th of April and therefore most of Tellus will be reserved for this event.

19.3.2019 News

Time management interactive workshop with Antti Niittyviita from Prove

- What is time management and why is time management important?

7.3.2019 News

Brown Bag: the science behind happiness

On the world happiness day 20th of March from 11 to 12, Brown bag lunch seminar focuses on happiness. 

7.3.2019 News

Soulutions offers an opportunity for networking and self development

Soulutions is a three-day event in which students and participants look for new perspectives and solutions for the challenges of companies, the public sector and researchers.

6.3.2019 News

Career Services opened an office in Tellus

Career Services office has been opened in the middle of Tellus. In this office, you will be able to get help to questions related to seeking jobs. The career services office is open for students on Thursdays and Fridays from 9 to 11. 

12.2.2019 News

Get a student ticket for Polar Bear pitching conference

This year we will be celebrating the sixth Polar Bear Pitching. There is a massive student discount on the price of Polar Bear Pitching conference tickets.

11.2.2019 News

Can you come up with a way to cut our carbon footprint in half?

Develope a new way to reduce carbondioxide emissions and see your idea make the world better!