6.2.2018 News

Polar Bear Pitching 6.-7.2.2018

"We won't leave you cold!"

20.12.2017 News

Tellus Innovation Arena in self-service mode from 22.12. until 7.1.

Tellus will be in self-service mode from 22nd of December until 7th of January, as our staff will be on holidays.​

20.12.2017 News

Demola solving the problems of the future

On December 13th, Business Kitchen Tellus was fully packed for Demola Oulu Graduation event.

8.12.2017 News

Witness how new startups are brewed in Avanto

Brilliant new startups are brewing in Oulu as another batch of the Avanto Idea Accelerator program is coming to an end.

7.12.2017 News

The Shanghai University Nordic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base is now open in Tellus!

The delegation from Shanghai University (SU), China led by Xu Xu, Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, visited University of Oulu on the 7th of December to open Shanghai U

4.12.2017 News

Eight bright business ideas got Kickstarted

Kickstart lighted up the Business Kitchen Tellus today, on 4th of December. Kickstar

4.12.2017 News

Jäätynyttä keskustelua sulattamassa - Mia Kemppaala Hesarin haastattelemana!

Business Kitchenistä ja Telluksestakin tuttu Mia Kemppaala jakoi ajatuksiaan Helsingin Sanomille.

29.11.2017 News

ATUT2017 welcomes you to an international, multidisciplinary symposium on 29.11.

The Oulu School of Architecture welcomes you to an international, multidisciplinary symposium on smart cities, communities, environments, architecture and construction. The 9th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research takes place at the Tellus Innovation Arena, November 29th – December 1st.
The world is urbanizing and digitalizing, and there is a major trend where cities, communities and buildings are being developed as smart environments. This raises a variety of new questions for planners, designers and developers.
As planning and design are future oriented, in ATUT2017, we will examine, in what ways architectural design, and urban planning and design contribute to, critique and address the smart city phenomenon, practices and projects. What kind of integrative processes and methods could be used to connect development actions in smart cities, communities, environments, architecture and construction? How can multidisciplinarity benefit research, design and planning?
We have welcomed researchers and practitioners in architecture, urban design and planning, as well as any other field affiliated to planning, development and design of smart cities, for instance: computer science, information processing science, economics, futures research, lighting design and research, industrial engineering and management, innovation studies, education, health studies, social sciences such as geography, cultural anthropology, interaction and communication studies.
Program and registration: www.atut.fi

24.11.2017 News

Yliopisto-opintojen työelämäyhteyksien posterinäyttely 29.11.

Yliopiston henkilökunta ja opiskelijat toivotetaan lämpimästi tervetulleeksi keskiviikkona 29.11. klo 13-16 Telluksen Avenuelle tutustumaan yliopisto-opintojen työelämäyhteyksiin ja työelämäosaamiseen liittyviin postereihin. Näyttelyssä on esillä kuuden yliopiston postereita, jotka on tehty kuvaamaan Työelämäjaksoja ja työssäoppimista yliopisto-opintoihin -hankkeen (Tyyli) kehittämistyötä ja saatuja tuloksia. Paikalla on osallistujien kanssa keskustelemassa useita oululaisia postereiden tekijöitä sekä Eila Pajarre Tampereen teknillisestä yliopistosta ja Kirsti Haihu Turun yliopistosta.

Posterinäyttelyn rinnalla järjestetään opiskelijoille ja henkilökunnalle suunnattu "Kysy mitä vain harjoittelusta" -pop up -vastaanotto.  Harjoitteluvaivoihin ja -kysymyksiin vastaavat Tiina Kemppainen ja Tari Rantasuo (kotimaan harjoittelu) sekä Kaisa Karhu (kansainvälinen harjoittelu). Tarjolla on pientä suolaista ja makeaa.


24.11.2017 News

Brandathon challenges participants to fast creative process

The Entrepreneurship Hub of Oulu universities, Business Kitchen, is currently filled with branding enthusiasts.

24.11.2017 News

Demola Mid Pitch event filled Business Kitchen with excitement

Feel the cold breeze? See the land turn white from snow? Yep, it's definitely winter in Finland and it can only mean one thing!

21.11.2017 News

Tellus hosts intriguing seminar and workshop

The research seminar and workshop on Sustainable Resource Use and Earth’s Changing Environment was organized in Tellus on 20th and 21st of November.

20.11.2017 News

Open concert for everyone on Tellus Stage in November: "Music from Around the World"

Welcome to join Tellus Stage on Saturday Nov 25th to hear concert "Music from Around the World". Talented 7-16 years old children and youth will play the songs heart to heart and the concert is suitable for all the age groups!

The concert starts at 3pm and lasts until 4pm.
The event is organized by music teacher Eva Gintare.

More information regarding the events or lessons: LetsLearnMusic5@gmail.com

15.11.2017 News

Avanto and Demola teach you how to talk

Do you know how to communicate effectively about what you’re doing? Or how to grab people’s attention?

13.11.2017 News

Viisipäiväinen Ideasprint Telluksessa joulukuussa!

Pelkkä luovuus yksin ei johda mihinkään. Mutta yhdistettynä se liiketoimintaälyyn ja strategiseen ajatteluun, syntyy kaupallisesti menestyviä uusia innovaatioita ja ajatuksia. IdeaSprint on BusinessOulun organisoima ideoiden, innovaatioiden ja liiketoimintamahdollisuuksien kehittämisprosessi.

13.11.2017 News

Natural science met business in Tellus

Natural Science Meets Business (NSMB) united natural scientists at the Linnanmaa campus of University of Oulu on Tuesday the 14th of N

10.11.2017 News

Multidisciplinary product development in FabLab style

Multidisciplinary student teams combined their expertise in a product development course organized in Fab Lab Oulu.

9.11.2017 News

Venturing Research Challenge up and running

Business Kitchen Tellus is currently hosting Venturing Research Challenge.

27.9.2017 News

Uusia yhteyksiä Kaijonharjuun – EUROPAN 14 kilpailuehdotuksien näyttely Telluksessa 27.9.-17.10.2017

Nuorille arkkitehtuurin ja kaupunkisuunnittelun ammattilaisille suunnattu Europan 14 –kilpailuun saatiin 17 kilpailuehdotusta Ouluun.

29.8.2017 News

Oulu University's Mentoring Programme 2017-2018 is looking for mentors and students to become mentees!

Oulu University's Mentoring Programme is now looking for mentors and excited mentees for the season 2017-2018! 

The mentoring programme aims to support the student (mentee) with his/her study and career related decisions and career planning. Students have a mentor from the working life, with whom they discuss career-related topics. Many times the mentors have graduated from the same field as their mentee but this is not compulsory. The mentor can be from any field and doesn’t have to be graduated from the University of Oulu.

Mentoring is based on private meetings between the student(s) and the mentor. The student is responsible for planning and preparing the meetings. Mentoring pairs discuss topics they find important, such as the mentor's career choices and career development, required skills and Finnish working life. The programme facilitates networking among students, mentors and the university.

For more info and schedule, see www.oulu.fi/university/mentoring or contact Karoliina Kekki, firstname.lastname (at) oulu.fi or Niina Marostenmäki, firstname.lastname (at) oulu.fi. 

Mentoring programme 2017-2018 application for mentors here. The application period for students opens on 4.9.2017 and lasts until 21.9.2017 here.

29.8.2017 News

Tellus Innovation Arena organizes Nordic Business Forum 2017 live stream on Stage!

Tellus Innovation Arena organizes a live stream event on Stage, where you can follow Nordic Business Forum 2017 as if you were seated in the event in first row! Nordic Business Forum is a annual business conference and this year you can hear keynotes from speakers like Boyan Slat, Will Smith and many more. The event is totally free of charge and open for everyone, no need for beforehand registration. You can join to follow the whole program or just stop by between lectures or work - your choice! 

More of the live stream www.facebook.com/events/217593332105131 and more info about Nordic Business Forum www.nbforum.com/nbf2017/

8.5.2017 News

Avanto Accelerator organizes Demoday on May 11th

Oulu’s newest entrepreneurs from the Avanto Accelerator program are getting ready to take their first steps publicly.

Avanto Accelerator is a program run in the Business Kitchen, the universities Entrepreneurship Hub. In the six week program individual people and teams grow to improve their networks and turn their ideas into promising new ventures. The participants are offered workshops, mentoring, and coworking space together with Oulu’s entrepreneurial community. These activities empower entrepreneurs and the formation of numerous new companies.

Motivation, attitude and skills, combined with drive and passion is all that matter in thriving the Avanto Accelerator program. In our fourth batch thirteen teams were on board. This time Avanto participants really have been through a lot, even pitching from the ice-hole! We can proudly say that there are incredibly brave entrepreneurs brewing in Oulu! The teams have worked hard, gotten feedback and validated their ideas. On Demo Day on May 11th at 4pm you can hear most of our teams pitching, so mark the date in your calendars! The winner of the Avanto Accelerator autumn 2017 will also be awarded then. Here is a quick overview what our teams are up to:

  •          NEPGO - a digital solution connecting entrepreneurial hubs in developing countries                                                                                                          
  •          BREATHERY - innovative superfood snacks                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  •          SOMECOMP - bringing open data and data processing solutions to companies                                                                                                                                                                                      
  •          LOOMINATING DESIGNS - LED-lighting solutions for cosplayers and other visual artists.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  •          REINDEER REPUBLIC - classy Scandinavian women’s clothing brand                                                                                                                       
  •          STAY ‘N PLAY - mobile simulator for paramedics and students to improve learning                                                                                                                        
  •          BRICKIT - building blocks to build any figure you want from small pieces.                                                                                                                              
  •          LUXO - luxury water brand                                                                                                                       
  •          FISHERMAN - healthy ready-to eat fish snacks available in every store                                                                                                                                
  •          TRAVEL BUDDY - sensors working with your phone to provide information about the world around you.                                                                                                                                   
  •          UNIKISSA - jewelry design company utilizing wood and compelling stories.                                                                                                                                          
  •          KALIKKA - log style indoor building designs for modern offices                                                                                                        
  •          MAKE ORDER - Automated ordering application for restaurants to ease the stress of ordering drinks and food.

The teams have been coached by experts from both the University of Oulu and University of Applied Sciences. A common accelerator program for two universities is a rarity in Finland, but in Oulu the Avanto Accelerator has been brewing new companies for two years already.

Event location

Tellus Stage

Event address

Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, 90570 Oulu, Finland

5.5.2017 News

Update on Tellus space changes

Part of the computers and desks from Tellus Park had been moved to the second floor of Pegasus Library and available for use now.

24.4.2017 News

Tellus quiet working area shifts to Pegasus Library

We have received feedback that Tellus  Park, quiet working area, is not the optimal location for silent working due to the noise from cafe and group working areas.