Development projects

Tellus is a platform for testing and developing new ideas, concepts and more. We try out things in the university context and thus provide solutions for the rest of the community. There is a possibility you might get included in testing some new kind of univesrity pedagogy or approach. Our development projects focus at the monment on three topics, international affairs, entrepreneurship education, research collaboration and career and working life services. Read more about our development projects here.


International affairs

Bringing our key partners to the spotlight and celebrating the multicultural spirit of our University.


Business Kitchen is the Oulu universities’ entrepreneurship hub – a community and co-working space to boost action and discover new opportunities in business and in life.

Developing Transdisciplinary Research Projects & Culture

Rapid Research Radicals is a concept that aims to provide more visibility to the top-notch research done in our university and at the same time build ground for more interdisciplinary research. The development of this concept begun in 2018.

Career and working life

All the career services and work-life content in one place

Polar Bear Pitching

What is the scaries stage you have ever been on? Polar Bear Pitching offers an easy answer to that. It's the only event in the world in which the leght of pitches is only restricted by how much cold the speaker can withstand and in which frogmen are in charge of the security.