Festival of Cultures 2020

Thank you very much to all of you who joined and watched our Festival of Cultures 2020 streams this November! All the sessions of the Festival (minus the live workshops) are now available on this page, which means you can watch the episodes you've missed as well as rewatch the episodes you especially enjoyed on your own schedule! Watch the videos below separately, or watch them all as a playlist directly on YouTube.

Many of the session-specific pages now include extra materials for you to check out - links, extra information, more photos, downloadable food recipes, and much more!

Keep on enjoying the sessions and don't forget to share the videos with your friends around the world :) 

>>>The Festival of Cultures 2020 is included in the University of Oulu's highlights of the year video which premiered on the 16th of December! Watch the full "Year in Review 2020" here. 2020 was full of good stuff after all, was it not?

>>>Got questions? Reach out to festivalofcultures@oulu.fi. 


This is Festival of Cultures 2020

Read more about one of the most international events of the year and learn how you can represent your culture at the event! 


Internationalization at Home

What is Internationalization at Home and why is it important for our University community?


Festival of Cultures 2020 Program

The full program of the week (November 16-20).

All the episodes of the Festival of Cultures 2020
All the 28 episodes of the Festival of Cultures 2020 are now available on this page! Watch the episodes you've missed during the Festival week, rewatch the sessions you liked the most, and share the content with your friends! Huge thanks goes out to all of our students, staff, and partners who took part in creating the program with us this year! This event wouldn't have been possible without you. We appreciate you all! 

Episode 2: Greece

What is Festival of Cultures?

Festival of Cultures is one of the biggest Internationalization at Home events at the University of Oulu organized annually since 2017. The event offers a unique possibility to experience dozens of cultures and meet people from all over the world without traveling abroad. It celebrates our University's diversity, multiculturalism, and wide partnership network by bringing hundreds of members of our academic community – Finnish and international alike – together. The event underscores the importance of human connection, global awareness, and tolerance. During the event, the teams represent their native cultures in ways that feel the most authentic to them. The event is free and open for all. Since the spring of 2019, all the public Internationalization at Home events at our university are organized under the "Go International" umbrella brand.