Mentoring Programme

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We are all the time looking for new mentors to our mentor pool. Fill application form here. The application period for students for the semester 2017-2018 is closed.

The mentoring programme aims to support the student (mentee) with his/her study and career related decisions and career planning. Students have a mentor, with whom they discuss career-related topics. Many times the mentors have graduated from the same field as their mentee but this is not compulsory. The mentor can be from any field and doesn’t have to be graduated from the University of Oulu.

Mentoring is based on private meetings between the student(s) and the mentor. The student is responsible for planning and preparing the meetings. Mentoring pairs discuss topics they find important, such as the mentor's career choices and career development, required skills and Finnish working life. The programme facilitates networking among students, mentors and the university.


Schedule 2017-2018

To be announced...


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Last updated: 2.8.2018