The Sustainable development week got people on the move

The university of Oulu and the student union organized a sustainable develooment week together from 7th to 11th of October. There were multiple events daily during the week and it gathered a lot of interested eyes and ears. 

The week kicked off with a blast, when journalist Ina Mikkola declared a state of emergency in the main lobby of the university. She encouraged everyone to act instead of getting anxious, since concrete actions are the best medicine for climate anxiety, according to her. 

There were panel discussions, lectures, workshops, NGO and researcher fair, movie night and much more. Among the main organisers, fair trade ry, Eetti ry, UniOGS, Arctic university Ruohonjuuri, Lush and many more were included as well. The whole schedule can be seen in the picture below.

People took part in the event in masses. There were at least dozens of people in every envent and the biggest ones drew more than a hundred. Thus, the week reached a total of more than a thousand people in the university of Oulu.

On Wednesday, rector held a speech on how the university plans to become more sustainable. For example, there is a plan to install solar panels on the roof when the next roof renovation takes place. The participants of the Sustainable development week had a possibility to give ideas on how the university could be more sustainable. The most often suggested ideas were related to increasing the amount on vegetarian food in restaurants, recycling at the university, increasing the use of reusable coffee cups and cutlery and decreasing the use of paper in advertising. 

– As the organiser, SG week was a great experience. The people in our university really took part in our events. The goal of this week was to raise discussions on sustainable development and according to the feedback, we seem to have reached that goal. On Thursday evening, even I as the organiser was able to relax a bit and enjoy the powerful lecture by Arto O. Salonen, said Anni Huovinen, the main organiser of the sustainable development week on the university side. 

Last updated: 15.10.2019