Tellus got a certificate for being an excellent place for an internship

On the last day of their internship, the trainees of this fall, Pekka Hirvonen and Tekla Heinonen, presented Tellus a certificate for serving as an excellent place for an internship. In the certificate, Pekka and Tekla stated that Tellus is considered to have performed their tasks extremely well. You can read the whole certificate and more ino on internships below.

CERTIFICATE FOR BEING A PLACE FOR INTERNSHIP                                      


Tellus (Linnanmaa & Kontinkangas) has been proven to be a place for internship for  Pekka Hirvonen and Tekla Heinonen during the timespan of  19.8.2019-15.11.2019.

Tellus’s work tasks included but were not limited to following tasks:

Assessment of performance

Introduction to work tasks and place: Tellus completed this task with style and skill. All things were made clear and one could always ask questions and get a good answer.”

Welcoming to work community: “From the day one we felt we were truly part of the team and there was never a feeling of detachment. It was great to be part of the community, conversations and shared jokes.”

Giving diverse work tasks: “This was a good internship because we got to test many different work tasks. We definitely didn’t have to do same stuff over and over again for the whole three months – or wave our hands either.

Giving responsibility: “We never felt that we were alone, but we still got to do actual jobs and even make real decisions by ourselves. Self-confidence about our own doing increased.”

New viewpoints to the work life: “This dip to the work life was very beneficial since we got many new ideas and thoughts regarding what we want to do in the future.”


All and all, Tellus can be considered to have performed their tasks extremely well. We are glad to recommend them to any new workers and interns. 


What do you get to do as an intern?

Tekla wrote a short testimonial on her experience as a Tellus trainee. Here we have a more specific description on what one can do during their internship in Tellus:

"No need to “pöhistä” or wave hands during this internship. I applied for Tellus internship because I wanted to see what actually happens here and what does it feel like to do projects and office work in this kind of environment. My previous work experience was from a totally different field so this internship was very different and therefore very rewarding.

What did I get out of this internship? During these three months I have had time to do a lot of different things starting from the planning and organizing events and ending with writing reports and dragging a plastic skeleton around. The best thing in the intership still was that I got real work tasks and got to actually even make real desicions by myself. For example when planning the Sustainable Development week, I got to use my imagination and develop week’s events and their visuals. My self confidence with my doing increased, organisation skills  got better and my understanding about the nature of working in a project advanced. 

First week and a half of the internship I spend basically trying to figure out what was happening here in Tellus. The workers have all the time many different projects going on and to get to know those projects – not to mention understand them, takes a lot of time. But after that I had more than enough work to do and there were no boring moments. My main job during the internship was the Sustainable Development week, which took most of my time in the form of communicating, planning and contacting people. Besides that I helped with other bigger events and activities such as Self-Hack, Vulcanalia stand, opening ceremony of the Tellus Kontinkangas and University Business Forum. Otherwise I worked at the Service Point, in the R3 project and us interns also had our share of work with Tellus instagram. 

All and all, the internship in Tellus was very beneficial and it tought me a lot of new things about working in a project and specialist’s job. Additionally to the content, also the work community was very welcoming and I felt straight from the day one that I was part of the Tellus work community. "

Tekla Heinonen

Intern in Tellus in autumn 2019. 


Interested in an internship in Tellus?

We hire trainees regularily. If you are interested in working as a trainee in Tellus, you may send an open appliaction to Simo Kekäläinen ( To get more information on internships and open jobs, follow Tellus channels and Tuudo.

Last updated: 18.11.2019