Tellus will be closed on Thursday and Friday due to 5G Cyber Security Hackathon

The first ever 5G Cyber Security Hackathon will be organized in Tellus this weekend (November 29th to December 1st). Due to this event, Park, Business Kitchen, Galaxy Horizon and Cubes 5 and 6 will be closed from Thursday morning and the whole Tellus will be closed from Thursday 4 PM onwards. The spaces will be normally in use again on Monday morning.


The hackathon is organized by Traficom, the Finnish Transport and communications agency. The world-leading cyber security specialists will gather in Oulu to dive into the security issues faced by future digital society. 


The hackathon will be held from November 29th to December 1st. As the president country of EU, Finland has the privilege to host this first ever 5G Cyber Security Hackathon and the venue of choice was Tellus in the university of Oulu.


If you have any questions related to this event or the opening hours of Tellus, please contact


Last updated: 25.11.2019