K group strengthens cooperation with the university of Oulu

Finnish retailing company K group has been increasing cooperation with all major universities within the last few years. Cooperation with the university of Oulu began during the year 2019 and K group has a strong will to strengthen it during this year. Kesko opened a branded working cube in Tellus and the opening ceremony was held on the 3dr of February 2020. In this event Visa Myllyntaus and Juuso Karjula from K group group told about open positions and trainee programmes as well as about the cooperation plans K group has.

Visa began by telling how his colleague always says that cooperation is improved by cooperation. In addition to this, good cooperation needs a common will, a direction and something practical to begin with. 

K group hires annually about 3700 new employees, plus all the people hired in separate markets. The trainee programme of K group has been running since 2007. Students from all disciplines can apply to the 9-month paid traineeship, which also includes a study trip. The application period ends on the 16th of February.

The other K group representor was educational institute ambassador Juuso Karjula. He told, what K group has to offer for educational institutes and guilds. K group has been supporting guilds and has attended bigger events such as the Pesti career day. This year they are planning to increase the amount of cooperation with guilds and university and organise excursions. K group also wants to communicate more efficiently about all open positions. If you want K group to support your event of organisation, you may contact Juuso Karjula from K group.

Kaisa Still represented the university of Oulu in the opening event. Kaisa spoke about the role of universities in making the world better. Kaisa told how the university wants research and education to have real impact on the world. The university aims to produce talented labour force, patents, business and research that all contribute in improving our livelihood. Kaisa is pleased that the cooperation between K group and university has begun. After the opening ceremony, the representatives of K group stayed for conversations around the cube.

Last updated: 5.2.2020