Story Time brings two OBS alumni back, Iikka Meriläinen and Hanna Mattila

Story Time events bring interesting career stories on stage and inspire people to find their path one faculty at a time. During the spring, there will be people from four different fields sharing their career story on the Stage of Tellus Linnanmaa. The second event will highlight alumni from OBS: the founder of Tuudo, Iikka Meriläinen and Hanna Mattila from BusinessOulu. The event will be held on Tellus Stage on the 11th of March from 3 to 4 PM.¨

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The story of Iikka Meriläinen began with student association activities in Finanssi ry (2007-2009) and the student union (2010). From there, he moved to working full-time in the UniOulu ICT services (2010-2016) and eventually launched Tuudo, where he is the Managing Director, helping his 20+ person team to succeed, already on two continents.

Iikka has been working closely with students and student associations for more than a decade. For him, the multi-year, full-time student association experience became the black hole of his academic record – but it also became the cornerstone of his future career, and the origin of the warmest memories of his university life. Iikka graduated as Bachelor of Science in 2011.

Hanna Mattila started studying marketing in 2005 and finished her master’s degree in 2010. After many random coincidences she ended up working for the city of Oulu and nowadays she is working as a Place Marketing Manager in BusinessOulu and is responsible for the marketing of the city of Oulu. She also manages a unique place marketing project that has been benchmarked internationally.

How did a brand enthusiast end up working for the city? What a marketing-oriented brand specialist is even doing in the public sector? Come and hear Hanna’s career story, how random coincidences and good attitude can guide you to the right career path and how the right kind of job can help you find your strengths.

The discussion will be held in English

The schedule of spring 2020:

12.2. HUTK (In Finnish)

11.3. OBS (in English),

15.4. LUTK (In Finnish),

13.5. KTK (in English)

The events are free and open for all. These events are targeted for students and aim to help in planning one’s own career. If you have a good speaker in mind or wish to know more, please contact

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