Become a student marshal in the conferment ceremony

Young doctors celebrate their achievements at the 11th conferment ceremony of the University of Oulu in May. Conferment ceremony is the classiest and most traditional ceremony of the academia. Become a student marshal and get to experience the event from within. 

Student marshals´ duties include for example standing in guard, receiving visitors and guiding guests. Read more and apply here:

What is conferment ceremony?

In the conferment ceremony, young doctors will be inaugurated, and they will receive the title of a doctor in addition to the top hat and sword, the symbols of their title. This three-day festivity includes the sword honing event on Friday, procession, church service, and a ball on Saturday and a short sailing trip on Sunday. 

The official inauguration, the act of promotion, is the biggest and most dignified academic tradition, which follows mostly a 700-year-old tradition. The tasks of student marshals include keeping up the tradition, representing the university of Oulu, receiving guests and helping in any practical arrangements during the days.

Tasks of student marshals

A three-day event takes a lot of preparation. These will be taken care of by the university and the conferment committee. Student marshals have an especially important role in making the ceremony a success. You may apply in different positions during the event days. The tasks of student marshals include standing in guard during the ceremonies, receiving guests and helping in any practical arrangements during the festivities and making sure everything goes smoothly. 

The student marshals will be led by general marshal Johanna Bluemink

How to become a student marshal?

We are looking for student marshals from every faculty. We expect you to be self-acting and persistent. In addition to new friends and a unique experience, you will receive a diploma and UniOulu college shirt. There will also be a thank you party, karonkka, for every student marshal after the conferment ceremony.

Apply here and be part of the long and ceremonious academic tradition! The next possibility will be years away!

If you have any questions, please send them via email to  

Last updated: 21.2.2020