Polar Bear Pitching live broadcast was filled with best memories and new experiments – Watch the show here

Due to coronavirus outbreak, Polar Bear Pitching could not be held normally this year and was instead turned into a broadcast only 7 days before the event itself. The event was totally rebuilt and in itself it was an experiment on how to do events at times like these.

Watch the whole broadcasting here: https://livestream.com/onair/pbp. If the link does not work, you can also watch the show on the website of Polar Bear Pitching: www.polarbearpitching.com.

Naturally, there was pitching in an ice hole, but also video speeches from all over the world and interviews with experts from several fields. Pitching from the ice hole, Moyeen Ahmad from NE Device SW, Minaë Tani from Zest Kitchens and Tuukka Kivilahti from Signet. Many of the entrepreneurs pitched via video call from their homes and every now and then either the video or the sound dipped into the much-talked virtual ice hole.

The founder of Polar Bear Pitching, Mia Kemppaala, announced to the world that when facing fear, it is important not to freeze but to act. She kissed fear goodbye by kissing the air because just like the air, fear is empty in the end. She encouraged everyone to share the stories of how they conquered their fears with hashtags #kissfeargoodbye and #freezingmoment.

As one living example of how to conquer fears, Finnish athlete Pekka Hyysalo shared his story from the ice hole. When filming a skiing movie, Pekka overshoot a landing and crashed badly. His promising career was over in seconds but Pekka refused to give up. He started his brand Fight Back as a part of his recovery and now helps others with similar fate. 

The world champion of winter swimming, Salla Lamminpää, gave advise on how to get more out of ice swimming. The most important thig is to breathe slowly and stay calm, she pointed. If you don’t make it an issue, the feeling of cold will go away after a while. All in all, ice hole swimming is a calming and relaxing sensation.

Climate change had a big role in Polar Bear Pitching. Among others, Teemu Kalliojärvi from Save Pond Hockey organization addressed everyone to act to stop climate change so that our ponds will stay frozen during winter and kids can practise ice hockey. This is extremely important for Finland in order to stop Sweden from winning in every world championship tournament. 

We had the joy of enjoying the best memories of past years in the broadcast. In these blasts from the past we saw the overview of the last year’s event, a gig from the ice hole by Irish festival of Oulu and pro hockey player Lasse Kukkonen from Oulun Kärpät talking about climate change and tackling it. 

There were two keynotes from famous entrepreneurs. The first one was by Gregory Shepard from BOSS Capital Partners. He advised everyone to build their start-ups with one thing in mind. The final and most important customer of any start-up will be the bigger company that buys your start-up. The start-up itself is the product, you want to sell to your customer. The customers before exit are just a part of the product itself and need to be planned accordingly. 

The second keynote was by Start-up whisperer, Chris Heivly from Techstars VP Innovation. He spoke about facing fears and getting over them. Fear is the one thing stopping people from starting their businesses. Everyone has this fear. In his words, building a business is just like building forts as a kid from snow or chairs and blankets. He encouraged everyone to just start building and the company will form eventually just like those forts in childhood. 

At the end of the broadcasting, Mia Kemppaala wanted to show the world that you don’t always need to know what you are doing. You can do amazing things, nevertheless. For example, about 80 percent of the whole broadcasts did not go as planned and improvisation like this sometimes leads to great things being born. A perfect case of this happenking is from last year, when the host of the event, Simo Kekäläinen, was supposed to say the one and only but instead he said the one and Oulu, which later became a registered trademark.

Polar Bear Pitching has now started the developement process of how to produce events at times when public gathering is restricted. We are eager to see what kind of solutions we will see in this field in the future.

Remember to stay warm and brave!

Last updated: 16.3.2020