Tellus builds community in virtual mode

Tellus operates virtually during the spring and everyone can take part in the events online. The demand for communities is high and we will build ways to cooperate and stay in touch from homes. Tellus will remain an inspiring meeting place with lots of interesting and valuable content.

The virtual Tellus opens on Monday 23rd March at 10 o’clock. Join us for the breakfast coffee hosted by Simo Kekäläinen and learn more about what virtual Tellus offers. During the day, there will be interviews and also a workshop about how you could use this new virtual space!

The café, working space and Stage will be open virtually during working hours. You can access virtual Tellus by using this link

We will have all our normal events such as Storytime, Brown Bag seminars and workshops online. You can also still have meetings and coffee breaks or study together with friends.

Are you looking for new ways to host workshops or events? We will help to create and develop them together. You can reserve time and help by contacting or by calling 0503077067.

What kind of help, content or virtual meeting possibility you’d like to have for this spring? Leave your ideas and vote for the best ideas here:

We will announce the dates for upcoming events and programs during nex

Last updated: 20.3.2020