Brown Bag: Demographic change – causes, consequences and solutions

The theme of the next Brown Bag seminar will be Demographic change. The seminar will be held in Zoom on the 24th of September from 11 to 12.

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The speakers of this Brown Bag seminar will be PhD and post-doctoral researcher Anastasia Emelyanovafrom the Arctic Health team and Professor Sylvain Sebert from the department of medicine, University of Oulu. Both speakers have studied population from their own perspective, and now we get to enjoy the combination of these two.

In Brown Bag research lunch seminars, the researchers of the university of Oulu get to introduce their favourite subjects to a multidisciplinary audience and have discussions across the scientific borders. During 2020, all Brown Bag seminars will be held virtually, but the cross disciplinary discussion and scientific content remain the same.

This fall, the themes for Brown Bag seminars will be the same as the Academy of Finlands Strategic Research Council’s draft theme proposals for 2021 programmes. Read more here:

The Brown Bag Lunch seminars are open for everyone. Join us for some science and an interesting conversation.

Last updated: 17.9.2020