Storytime for Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Jyrki Hoisko

Storytime-events showcase the career stories of University of Oulu alumni from different faculties. For this Storytime we have information technology alumn Jyrki Hoisko from Accenture telling his career story.

Due to the time difference between Finland and the US, this Storytime will be prerecorded. The recording will be shown in Virtual Tellus on Wednesday the 30th of September at 3 PM. Join here: Virtual Tellus.

Hoisko has studied information technology at the University of Oulu. He started his career at Nokia and worked in several different roles there, including working with Symbian mobile operating system, in project management and as a team leader. His work with Nokia took Hoisko to the US where he has worked for the past ten years now. Nowadays Hoisko works for Accenture as a Digital Platform Principal Architect.

The discussion will be in English.

Storytime events are free and open for all. These events are targeted for students and aim to help in planning one’s own career. If you have a good speaker in mind or wish to know more, please contact

Last updated: 29.9.2020