Sustainable Development week gathered a lot of interested participants

The Sustainable Development week was organized for the second time this fall. There was a total of 13 events during the week. All the events gathered a total of about 300 visitors. We had everything from interesting talks and panel discussions to impact workshops and bike care event.

The most popular event was the opening ceremony of the week. It had an audience of about 50 people. There were two speeches about sustainable business and Sámi activist Petra Laiti as the main speaker speaking about the role and perspective of indigenous peoples to sustainable development.

Other popular events were for example the bike care event, in which freshmen of mechanical engineering fixed bikes in front of the university building and the panel discussion on the topic Covid-19: sustainable opportunities and challenges for higher education. The discussion covered ways in which corona pandemic has been a challenge to achieve sustainable development goals but also on how it has given new opportunities to reach sustainable development goals.

The sustainable development week had to be organised online this year. Still there were about the same number of visitors per event excluding the organisation fair, which had over thousand participants.

The main organiser Anni Huovinen is happy with the results of the Sustainable Development Week.

– We had a diverse SD week, that was mostly online. Due to special circumstance, we had less events than last year, but we still had a nice number of participants in the events. It was great to organise the week in collaboration with OYY, OAMK and OSAKO and the whole team did a great job. During the week, we noticed that there is still a need for physical encounters. For example, the Biodiversity evening was packed with people.

– Sustainable Development is an integral part of the strategy of the University of Oulu and increasingly important on the whole field of higher education in Finland. We can see that working towards the sustainable development goals is also important for the university community. There is a growing interest towards sustainability trainings, events and studies and increasing numbers of research projects on sustainability. We wanted to make progress towards the SD goals with our scientific discussions, trainings for different audiences and by taking students and staff on board in making the everyday life on campus more sustainable, she comments.

You can still give feedback on the week. Tell us, what you think about the week, its content and the practicalities. The feedback form is here:

All feedback is of high value to us. It helps us in developing our events and make the week even better for next year.

A BIG thank you to all participants and everyone involved!

Last updated: 14.10.2020