Astronomy Seminar - Three Problems of the Big Bang Model 29.3.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Astronomy Seminar on Tellus Stage 29.3. 18:15-19:00
Three Problems of the Big Bang model by Dr. Sébastien Comerón

After the big success of the first history of astronomy seminar by Dr. Sébastien Comerón, "The Road to the Big Bang", we're bringing you the second one, "Three Problems of the Big Bang Model"!

The Big Bang theory is the present-day explanation to the origin and the evolution of the Universe. Its development has been one of greatest hits in the history of Science during the 20th century. The Big Bang model is very robust and has successfully predicted several features that were later observed in our Universe.
The success of the Big Bang model is not complete, though. Several problems remain to be explained and may require the development of new physics and/or a major overhaul of the model. I will review three of these problems:
- Dark matter.
- Dark energy.
- Inflation.


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