Polar Bear Pitching 6.-7.2.2018

"We won't leave you cold!"

"We won't leave you cold!"

This is what we tell participants before they take the plunge into the frozen Baltic Sea. From the most innovative city in Northern Finland, comes the most innovative startup event in the world.

Everyone says it, but Polar Bear Pitching really is unlike any other pitching competition. We created a startup event without limits by eliminating time restrictions for pitches. The only condition is, our finalists have to pitch standing waist deep in an ice hole carved into the frozen Baltic Sea.

While the Finals are breathtaking, our event is far more than just an opportunity for startups. It invites everyone to become a part of the coolest startup phenomenon by participating in our two-day program incl. workshops, keynotes and parties.

“If you are wondering should you do it - hell yeah!”
Timo Kettunen, Founder & CEO Diske LTD

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Last updated: 14.2.2018