Startup Weekend in a nutshell: 6 new business concepts in 54 hours

Startup weekend by Tech Stars was held last weekend. The mayor of Oulu opened the event, which aims to turn raw ideas into ready business concepts in only 54 hours.

Weekend kicked off with students presenting their raw business ideas to all participants. The best six ideas were chosen for further development, and people formed teams around the ideas based on their interests and skills. During the weekend, teams first clarified the problem they are about to fix, validated their solution for the problem and pitched their product or service for all the other participants along the journey. On Sunday, teams gave their final pitches and showed what they were able to put together during the intensive weekend.

Participants received training in group working, validating and pitching, and there were a lot of experienced mentors guiding the process.

Third best team was Strawberry Moi!, which developed an app guiding people how to grow their plants in the most efficient possible way. OiO won the second place and an opportunity to keep improving their idea in Kielo Growth program. Their Product is also an app, which increases the motivation of the user by giving rewarding tasks and helping them to work efficiently.

Jury chose Pick and Drop as the best concept of this Startup Weekend. Pick and Drop connects people, who need an item transported with people who are going to drive that route. Their example case was a student, who wants to buy a chair from Ikea but does not want to drive all the way only for that one chair. Then someone else, who is going to go to Ikea anyway, can bring the chair to the student and at the same time earn some money.

Three best teams won an opportunity to take part in Avanto Accelerator program and a gift card to VR Heaven.

Ultrahack separately awarded Memento VR with access to the next Ultrahack event in Helsinki. Memento VR offers people virtual reality experiences. For example an opportunity to go to a museum or see northern lights without actually going there.  

Next Startup Weekend will be held in September. Stay tuned to learn more and get you tickets before they are sold out. During this weekend, you will learn many necessary skills in working life and life in general and get to see all the highs and lows of a startup entrepreneur from deep desperation to the sweet glory of victory.

Last updated: 21.3.2018